'Sir Lies-a-lot': Viral conspiracy theory claims that the Queen secretly knighted Donald Trump

'Sir Lies-a-lot': Viral conspiracy theory claims that the Queen secretly knighted Donald Trump
A viral conspiracy theory is doing the rounds that Queen Elizabeth II secretly knighted former US President Donald Trump (Dominic Lipinski- WPA Pool/Getty Images)

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM: There have been a number of fantastical conspiracy theories making the rounds about Queen Elizabeth II, ever since she died on September 8. Among them, the most popular was the one that claimed she secretly knighted former US president Donald Trump

This theory started doing the rounds after an image, said to be of Trump's Truth Social handle, went viral soon after the Queen's death. The picture showed one of his posts from the social media platform, which read, "I never told anybody but she [Queen Elizabeth II] knighted me in private."


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It wasn't long before the theory ran wild over the internet with many claiming that it was Trump himself who posted it. After experts analyzed the screenshot, they found it was indeed fake. In fact, according to them, the post had never existed in the first place. According to an Associated Press article, the former president's spokesman had comfirmed that he did not post any such thing.     Screenshot of Trump's fake tweet (Twitter)

This screenshot of Trump's fake post went viral with many claiming it was actually true (Twitter)

The internet caught on and soon everyone was in on the joke. One user tweeted, "Hey, did you know that your boy, Donald Trump, was secretly knighted by Queen Elizabeth? (Not just QE2, But QE1 as well.)" Another had retweeted the same photo saying, "There is now photographic evidence that Trump was "secretly knighted" by Queen Elizabeth And we didn't believe him, tsk,tsk." Another tweeted, "It's true that Trump was secrelty knighted by Queen Elizabeth. His knighted name is Sir Lies Alot." Another user joked about the whole incident with a tweet saying, "As believable as it is, the story about trump now claiming on Truth Social, he was secretly knighted by Queen Elizabeth is 100% FALSE. But Hats off to who ever started this rumour cuz I nearly spit my morning coffee out in laughter."








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