Queen Elizabeth once hid behind a bush to avoid talking to Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu

Queen Elizabeth once hid behind a bush in order to avoid conversation with Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu

                            Queen Elizabeth once hid behind a bush to avoid talking to Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu
Queen Elizabeth (Getty Images)

It is hard to imagine Queen Elizabeth going to lengths in order to avoid having a conversation with someone but surprisingly, it did happen. As reported by Daily Mail, author Robert Hardman who penned the book ‘Our Queen’ stated that Queen Elizabeth went and hid behind a bush in order to avoid meeting Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu during his 1978 state visit.

Queen Elizabeth once hid in the bush to avoid conversation (Photo by Steve Parsons-WPA Pool/Getty Images)


“While walking her dogs in the Palace gardens, she spotted Ceausescu and his wife Elena heading in her direction. As the Queen told a lunch guest some years later, she decided the best course of action was to hide behind a bush rather than conduct a polite conversation,” he said. The queen did not have to ace another situation where she had to maintain a conversation with Nicolae. 

He was later tried and convicted of economic sabotage and genocide was executed with his wife by a firing squad. While the queen has some laughable moments in the past, things do not seem so good for her as of now. As reported by The Times that the ministers have been preparing for ten days of national mourning in the aftermath of the monarch's passing in a secret exercise. The tabloid reports that Cabinet minister David Lidington chaired a meeting on Thursday (June 28). Home secretary Sajid Javid and leader of the Commons Andrea Leadsom were reportedly present at the meeting.

Queen is refusing to have a knee surgery done (Photo by Eddie Mulholland/WPA Pool/Getty Images)

The exercise which has been dubbed 'Castle Dove' focused on the day after the Queen's death and when Prime Minister Theresa May would make the official public statements regarding the same. The exercise was prompted after the 92-year-old monarch missed a service at St Paul's Cathedral because she was unwell. Previously, a plan called 'London Bridge' has been discussed with regard to the death of Queen Elizabeth but this week's exercise is said to have been on an 'unprecedented' scale.

A Whitehall source told the tabloid, "This is the first time different ministers have come together in one room. Previously it has only been officials." Meanwhile, a cabinet minister reportedly added, “Things have clearly been stepped up because of the aging process.” It has been reported that upon the death of the majesty, the Prime Minister will be the first person to be informed.

It is believed that the Queen's private secretary will be the one to take the news to the Prime Minister. The news will be broken to the Prime Minister via a secure line and then utter the code, "London Bridge is down." These reports come after it has been revealed that Queen Elizabeth has been refusing to get a knee surgery done as she does not want to cancel the prior commitments made by her.