Learning from the best: Queen Elizabeth reportedly feels Meghan needs a steadying hand in these early days

Learning from the best: Queen Elizabeth reportedly feels Meghan needs a steadying hand in these early days
Queen Elizabeth II (Source:Getty Images)

Meghan Markle has been brushing on her royal skills ever since she said 'I do' to Prince Harry. But then again, there is still a lot that she has to learn and it looks like she has some excellent guidance in the form of Queen Elizabeth herself showing her the ropes. Talking to People, Ingrid Seward, author of the recent biography of the 'Queen and Prince Philip, My Husband & I', revealed that Queen has been making sure Meghan knows how to be a royal. 

Meghan has been brushing on her royal skills (Photo by Jonathan Brady - WPA Pool/Getty Images)


“The Queen knows the potential pitfalls of not giving [new members] a guiding hand,” he said. “It’s all about the monarchy. She can’t expect Meghan to know everything without being shown.” This does not come as a surprise as the Queen has always managed to display grace and poise in every event she has attended. “She doesn’t want 70 years of hard work to be for nothing,” Ingrid added. ”I’m sure she feels Meghan needs a steadying hand in these early days.”

Queen Elizabeth and Meghan will soon be heading to Cheshire, via the royal train, for a joint engagement. “It is the way of the royal family—all part of the training and getting used to being in public life and under public scrutiny,” said Queen Elizabeth’s former press secretary Charles Anson. “Showing people the ropes is a high priority for the Queen.”


Meghan and Queen Elizabeth will head out to attend their first official royal event together (Photo by Paul Grover - Pool/Getty Images)

The Queen is taking Meghan along to unveil a new bridge in Widnes, Cheshire, and open the Storyhouse Theatre. After the unveiling, the two will sit down for lunch at Chester’s Town Hall. Even though Meghan has got a taste of most of the U.K. along with Prince Harry prior to their wedding, this will be the first time that she will be seen with the Queen alone. However, time and again the Queen has shown signs of how she has welcomed Meghan into the royal family with open arms. 

Prior to her wedding, in March, Meghan had joined the Queen and the other members of the royal family for a church service celebrating Commonwealth Day at Westminster Abbey. Even in December Meghan had joined the family during Christmas Day church services. Meanwhile, she attended the celebrations for Queen's birthday along with Prince Harry. 

We recently also caught a glimpse of how the new royal couple is loved by the Queen when she welcomed George Brandis, the Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and the two were spotted having a conversation in her sitting room. What soon became the highlight was a certain picture in the background. On the left-hand side of the photo, there were a couple of pictures that were placed on a table next to the sofa and one of them happened to be a picture of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. It would be lovely to see how Meghan follows the footsteps of the Queen during their first official outing. 


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 Queen Elizabeth helping Meghan with royal rules after royal marriage to Prince Harry