Queen Elizabeth banned her corgis from her bedroom because they snored, new documentary claims

Queen Elizbaeth loved her corgis and wanted them to be with her all the time, but when it came to sleeping, she wants it to be peaceful.

                            Queen Elizabeth banned her corgis from her bedroom because they snored, new documentary claims
Queen Elizabeth II (Source:Getty Images)

For more than 80 years, Queen Elizabeth made sure that wherever she went, her corgis were right beside her. But according to a new documentary on the queen, there was one place where her beloved furry animals were not allowed and it happened to be the bedroom. While the queen loved her pets, she also loved a nice, peaceful sleep and it wasn't possible with her corgis because they reportedly snored. The documentary titled 'The Story of the Royals' comprises interviews with people who worked with the monarch for a long time and they reveal some unknown details about the longstanding monarch, who mourned the loss of Willow, her last corgi in April.

As reported by Fox News, Willow was put down after suffering from cancer. The House of Windsor got its first corgi back in 1933, when King George VI, Elizabeth’s father, acquired a puppy named Dookie for the family. He then brought another addition to the family, Jane, who remained with the royal family until 1944, when she was fatally struck by a car.  The same year, Queen Elizabeth received another corgi, Susan for her 18th birthday.

The two were inseparable. In fact, Queen Elizabeth reportedly fell so much in love with Susan that she sneaked her when she went on her honeymoon with Prince Philip in 1947. From then, the family went on to breed dogs from Susan’s lineage. It is reported that Queen Elizabeth has owned at least 30 Pembroke Welsh corgis, all of which have descended from Susan.

Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth bonded on their love for dogs (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Willow's death was the end of the era as Queen Elizabeth had stopped breeding corgis after the death of her mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon in 2002. In 2015, Monty Roberts, a horse trainer who advised Elizabeth, said that the queen made this decision because she allegedly “didn’t want to leave any young dog behind.” 

Back in April, Princess Diana’s biographer Andrew Morton said that when the time came for queen Elizabeth to meet Meghan Markle along with Prince Harry, he was making sure that everything went perfectly. 

However, it happened to be something else that the two bonded on. “The royal family is very used to people being very nervous in their presence and coming out with the most nonsensical things,” he said. “I remember bishops had curtsied to the queen, rather than bow. All kinds of things go on. So Harry told Meghan to be yourself and be relaxed. And the fact the corgis liked her was a plus in her favor."

“[The queen] gave her grandson permission to marry Meghan Markle, the first biracial, divorced, American actress… She must have been impressed. If she hadn’t been, she would have said no. And she has in the past," he further added. While the queen may not have her beloved corgi with her anymore, she can still bond with Meghan's dog, Guy, who she adopted in 2015.