Queen may 'never return to public life' as she could remain in self-isolation for years over Covid-19 risk

The 94-year-old monarch is unlikely to return to public duties and will remain quarantined for the foreseeable future

                            Queen may 'never return to public life' as she could remain in self-isolation for years over Covid-19 risk
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The Queen could likely remain in self-isolation 'for months' and never really return to regular frontline duties. The UK government is looking to start relaxing some of the strict lockdown measures they had enforced to curb the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The Queen had put all her public engagements on hold as she and her husband Prince Philip isolate at Windsor Castle. 

It is possible that her Majesty may not be allowed to pick up her public duties due to the risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus. The reports of the Queen's future plans come after Prime Minister Boris Johnson sent out a possible three-stage 'exit plan' and urged the country to return to work. 

According to a royal biographer, Andrew Morton, 66, the Queen may never return to regular duties and may appear on TV or video rather in physically make an appearance. "It's terribly sad but I can't see how the Queen can resume her usual job," he told The Sun

Queen Elizabeth is unlikely to return to regular duties due to the risk of coronavirus (Getty Images) 

Ever since March 19, the Queen has been on lockdown and self-isolation with Prince Philip, 98, at Windsor. She would normally have returned to Buckingham Palace but cannot due to the lockdown. For the first time in 27 years, the palace will remain closed for tourists. "The Covid-19 virus isn't going away soon and will be with us for months, if not years," he added. "It would be far too risky for the Queen to start meeting people on a regular basis."

"She has always loved getting out and meeting people but she can’t take the risk. How can she carry out investitures, meet ambassadors, do walkabouts, and visit places without meeting people at close range?" he said. 

"If she gets the bug, it could be fatal and would put Prince Philip at risk. Prince Charles is, of course, over 70 himself but he has had the virus and probably has immunity now. The Queen’s speech last month was brilliant and it brought the country together," he added referring to the Queen addressing the nation on the coronavirus. 

She had said that the UK "will succeed" in its battle against the virus in the rare speech. She also thanked the British citizens for following the mandatory 'stay at home' orders. She thanked key workers and said that "every hour or work brings us closer to a return to more normal times."

"While we have faced challenges before, this one is different. This time we join with all nations across the globe in a common endeavor, using the great advances of science and our instinctive compassion to heal," the Queen had said. "We will succeed - and that success will belong to every one of us."

Several extra precautions were taken when the Queen recorded her coronavirus address and VE Day address. Strict measures had been implemented to make sure that her majesty has no contact with anyone barring her inner circle. 

The Queen and Prince Philip have been locked down in what their senior aides have dubbed as the 'HMS Bubble'.

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