'Quantum Leap' on NBC: Raymond Lee feels accomplished and content with his career choice

'Quantum Leap' on NBC: Raymond Lee feels accomplished and content with his career choice
Raymond Lee smiles at the cameras as he attends the HBO luxury lounge (Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images for Mediaplacement)

There are not many successful Asian actors in Hollywood, but we cannot say that about the star of the hour, Raymond Lee. The 35-years-old actor started his career in 2009, and ever since he never looked back, and thank god he didn't after facing a bit of obstacle in his career path, today Lee stands financially stable and is living his dreams! 

Lee was born in New York City. He moved to Los Angeles at a young age. Although he originally studied kinesiology in college, he switched his major to acting at California State University, Long Beach. He co-founded the Four Clowns acting troupe. He is of South Korean descent. He is soon to be featured in NBC's new show 'Quantum Leap' but his first major role was in the web series, 'Ktown Cowboys' where he appeared opposite Lanny Joon. He has appeared in minor roles in such television series as 'Scandal,' 'Modern Family' and 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'. In 2016, he starred in Qui Nguyen's Vietgone at Manhattan Theatre Club. He won a Theatre World Award for his off-Broadway debut as Quang Nguyen, a Vietnamese refugee to the United States.


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In an interview with nerdsthatgeek, Lee confessed how much he loves his career and is happy doing what he is doing. He said, 'I think to me is a really big accomplishment. You know, you get these moments in life where you look around and you go, ‘hey, I'm doing exactly what I want to do’, which is really neat. So, I guess that answers both questions of what I enjoy doing with the show and where I feel accomplished in my career, because so many times we don't feel that way. So many times, we're always thinking the grass is greener. But when you can look up and think like, ‘oh, I'm kind of on the green side right now.’ It's a neat feeling to feel it to be a part of a show that people are enjoying as well.'

Well, if we put aside all this, according to superstarbios.com, Lee's net worth is $46 Million approx! He rose to fame when he played  Arlen Lee in 'Mozart in the Jungle,' and Duc Bayer-Boatwright in 'Here and Now'. In 2021, Lee was a series regular on the series 'Kevin Can F**k Himself'. The actor also starred in the Tom Cruise movie, 'Top Gun: Maverick' as Lt Logan "Yale" Lee, and Officer Gomez in 'The Lost City' in 2022. 

However, Raymond Lee plays Dr Ben Seong, a world-renown physicist who gets stuck in the 1980s with amnesia after using the Quantum Leap technology in the upcoming NBC series, 'Quantum Leap'. Along with him, the audience will also see Ernie Hudson as Herbert “Magic” Williams, Caitlin Bassett as Addison Augustine, Nanrisa Lee as Jenn, and lastly, Mason Alexander Park as Ian. 

'Quantum Leap' is all set to premiere on September 19, 2022, on NBC and it will also stream on Peacock.

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