As ABC's 'Quantico' wraps up, we look back on the badass heroines of the FBI crime drama

Love it or hate it, there's one thing you cannot deny - the show has given us some kickass female agents over the years since it first aired in 2015.

                            As ABC's 'Quantico' wraps up, we look back on the badass heroines of the FBI crime drama

"Now can we go catch this son of a bitch or do you need to wave your gun around some more?"– Agent Shelby Wyatt, Quantico 

The crimes, the terrorists, the mutual love for a good scotch, and our black ops gang is saying goodbye this Friday as ABC's 'Quantico' wraps up its crime-fighting bravado with its season 3 finale. The ratings didn't do well for the show this season, and it was canceled for a return but love it or hate it, there's one thing you cannot deny - the show has given us some kickass female agents over the years since it first aired in 2015. No, I'm not just talking about Alex Parrish. 


It's been an adventurous three seasons for the FBI drama with the latest season being the most dramatic - both on and off screen. Although their storyline had considerably gotten easier to understand, than the last two, the viewers just refuse to cut the show any slack. Then there was the recent matter of the Indian Twitterati row. Indian fans were angered by their episode 'The Blood of Romeo' after the plot portrayed a group of Indians as terrorists, the network, as well as actor Priyanka Chopra, publicly apologized for 'hurting sentiments.'

Unsurprisingly, the apology backfired. While this appeared to be a desperate attempt at damage control, it wasn't well thought-out. At a time when the film and television industry was taking a stand for campaigns like #MeToo, Time's Up, pay disparity and lack of diversity, for a giant like ABC and a popular face like Chopra to give into such mindless internet trolls was seen as pretty pathetic. 

Nevertheless, the wrongdoings and foolish moves made by the show doesn't take away from the fact that they have, time and time again, reminded us of the power of smart, lethal, feisty and often leggy female characters. Although predictable at many points in the story, these women have always been more than just sidekicks in every possible turn in the story. They have truly done it all - fought the bad guys, landed and taken a few hard punches, have fallen in love and had their hearts broken and sniffed out criminals out of thin air. 


Jocelyn Turner a.k.a Marlee Matlin

In the latest season, you cannot help but be awed by the character of Jocelyn Turner. Portrayed by Marlee Matlin, this character has been fantastic right from the day she was introduced to the audience. There's no nonsense with Turner and neither does she have a chip on her shoulder that makes her stereotypical. She is deaf but she knows what her strengths are and she uses them exceptionally well. She's perhaps the most well-established character in such a short time in comparison to the others. An asset to the team, the story does give us a peek into what it was like for her to lose her hearing — she shares her pain, but she is a no charity case. She's working just as hard as everyone else and is just as smart if not smarter. Matlin's character in some ways feels like the replacement for Miranda's. 


Miranda Shaw a.k.a Aunjanue Ellis

Miranda Shaw, who made her exit last season was another such badass. Her character was a lot like the quiet before a storm - deadly, tense and well versed in destruction. Played by Aunjanue Ellis, she started off as 'Quantico's ambitious assistant director. Her goal through the show was to shatter one of the toughest glass ceilings – the one built by the FBI. Her teaching methods were unconventional, and she made sure she was the best at her job. Her persona was tough and brutally intelligent, but she also was the first to shelter her students from harm - so much so that he risked getting herself in trouble. 

Shelby Wyatt a.k.a Johanna Braddy

Shelby Wyatt was also an amazing agent that we saw on the show - a heady mix of beauty, feminity, and skill. This was another notch in 'Quantico's belt. Shelby Wyatt started off as a delicate posh princess, and before we knew it she was the woman heading operations by the end of season 2. She has the Southern charm but is armed with expertise when it comes to using a sniper rifle - there's no one like her in the gang. She had joined Quantico with a mission - to become an FBI firearms specialist. I'm almost certain that had Shelby been the center of this plot, this show would have been far more thrilling. Added with their flashback storytelling, it would have been so intense. Imagine a heroine who is totally in control of the situation and herself - has balanced opinions, is focussed at the task at hand with no emotional baggage, doesn't turn into a hurricane wrecking havoc endangering everyone's life and has the mad FBI skills.


Nimah Amin a.k.a Yasmin Al Massri

As far as the heroines are concerned, this list would be incomplete without Nimah Amin. Portrayed by Yasmin Al Massri, Nimah, and her twin Raina comes to the FBI carrying the burden of religion. More than Raina, it bothers her. She is seen at first as a conservative Muslim who keeps her private life behind closed doors. She's a secret rebel of sorts - she refuses to wear a hijab, leaves her hair wild and does not conform to religious rules. She is constantly profiled and mistreated as a result of her religion, but that doesn't stop her from being the best damn detective in town. Although she does fall behind, later on, the work she did under Miranda in season 1 was extremely kickass. 


Alex Parris a.k.a Priyanka Chopra 

Lastly, there's our heroine Alex Parrish. Priyanka Chopra was amazing as Parrish even though her character arc was maddening at times. She was strong-willed and furiously focussed when she had to be and had the heart of a lion. Alex's character went on to be a stereotype as the season progressed, but she did have some badass times - the terrorist attack, the G20 summit crisis and all around going undercover, she's been a classic example of girl power. She took on the big guys and went all in for the fight and here's hoping she goes out, guns blazing!

Catch 'Quantico's season finale on August 3 at 8 pm on ABC.

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