Quantico Season 3 Episode 3 review: 'Hell's Gate' finally revives the series

'Quantico' is back with a nice bang. 'Hell's Gate' has all the drama, the chase and the intelligent twists that we liked in season 1

                            Quantico Season 3 Episode 3 review: 'Hell's Gate' finally revives the series
Quantico (IMDb)

SPOILER ALERT: The following story contains information about the latest season of Quantico

Just when you had entirely given up hope for the Priyanka Chopra starrer FBI drama 'Quantico', their third episode 'Hell's Gate' comes along. Entertaining, intelligent, emotional with the right tinge of drama and suspense, this was by far the best episode in the season that premiered earlier this month. 

The black ops, off-the-books gang, takes on another case, this time the trial of a cartel mobster named Culebra. While the case is your run-of-the-mill story of a high-profile trial that goes wrong in the end, blah blah, what was interesting in this episode was simply how well it was made. It was so refreshing — have I stressed on that enough? 

Alex is finally settling down (like the story) and moving into a new Shelby approved apartment, the hospital kiss between her and Ryan is still a secret and Shelby is a tad bit suspicious, but as usual, she probably won't say anything till it gets too much because she trusts her bff and her cheating emotionally unstable husband. She's the underrated golden girl of 'Quantico' simply because of what a great character she is — so real, so kind, such a gem in the cruel FBI dotted world of the series. 

Owen is coming in quite strong, which is clear after he did the job the US Marshalls couldn't do. It's nice to see him get recognition for his brains, for once. There's also the two newbies on the team — Jagdeep Patel and Celine Fox — who seem to finally be of some use in this episode. 

Priyanka Chopra attends Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination Costume Institute Gala after party at the Standard Hotel on May 7, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

As for Jocelyn Turner, she's an asset to the team. This episode also gives us a peek into what it was like for her to lose her hearing — she shares her pain with Owen, an old friend, and her new colleague. I feel like they are about two episodes away from having sparks fly all around. 

Although the showrunners could do with a little education in terms of the stereotypes that gay men and straight men are said to have when they are in the same room, it succeeds at twists — who would have known Charlie Hill, their prime witness' meds were actually a killing machine or that he was the cartel kingpin's sister's flame? Or that his fixation with clocks would actually serve as a clue? Well played this time, 'Quantico', well played... you still have that one thing that makes you tick after all.