Qatari man shows Muslim men the 'right way to beat their wives' through shocking online tutorial

Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khazraj took to his YouTube channel to defend a man beating his wife and showed what is the right way to beat a woman under Islamic law.

                            Qatari man shows Muslim men the 'right way to beat their wives' through shocking online tutorial
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Abd Al-Aziz Al-Khazraj, a Qatari sociologist took to his YouTube channel Al-Mojtama and uploaded a tutorial in which he teaches people what is the right way to beat their wives under the Islamic law. In the video, he is seen briefing the audience about what is right and what is wrong before proceeding to demonstrate the beating on a child.

In the video, he justifies his decision to make a tutorial by stating that many men are interested in finding out what is the right way to beat their wives. He says, "Is beating your wife necessary? Must a man beat his wife every day? No." However, he gives the authority to a man to do so by adding that a "man is the leader of the house" and that a "leader has authority just like a company manager". Throughout the video, Khazraj is seen comparing beating to an act of "discipline". 

"The leader of the house may decide to discipline the wife so life can move on," he said in his video. He also added that the reason a husband gives his wife a beating is that he wants to give her a "disciplinary beating out of love  as he loves her." While adding that the beating should be "light", he says that through this beating the wife must feel her "feminity" while the husband must feel masculine. 

Khazraj added that before proceeding to beat, one must advise their wife about what they did was wrong. If the first step doesn't work, Khazraj notes that the husband should make the decision of not sharing a bed with his wife and none of these work, it is then that he should think about beating his wife. According to Khazraj, in Islam, this kind of beating by the husband shows his wife his strength. 

He then puts on an act where he pretends that the boy standing in front of him is his wife and starts to question him for disobeying him. He then shows the viewers what a light beating is like and how one should not do anything more than that. He adds that when people slap or punch their wives, it is wrong. Khazraj noted that Prophet Muhammad does not allow heavy beating in Islam. "Look how merciful Islam is," he said in the video. "The prophet forbid striking the face." He also noted that "slapping the face, hitting the head, punching the nose, all of this is prohibited."

Khazraj again reminded his viewers that the purpose of beating is for discipline and it should be a painless beating that does not leave one with scars or bleeding. He added that the way he beat the boy was the 'true way of beating' under Islam. In his view, some husbands also beat their wives because they like it. Khazraj noted that some wife like to see their husband in a position where he is "domineering and authoritative". 

"By nature, they like violent and powerful husbands," he said. He also added that with some women, admonishing them and refraining them from sharing the bed won't serve the purpose of disciplining them and it is then that beating acts as a tool to teach them what is acceptable behavior and what is not. Khazraj believes that through this beating a wife will know that her husband is a "real man". He ended his video by stating that Islam is a religion of mercy and kindness."