QAnon backers claim Biden's medical boot is hiding an ankle monitor after his 'secret arrest', get slammed

'It’s impossible to reason with magical thinking. Anything can fit the narrative,' a user wrote

                            QAnon backers claim Biden's medical boot is hiding an ankle monitor after his 'secret arrest', get slammed
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After President-elect Joe Biden fractured his ankle while playing with his rescue dog, Major, and was ordered to wear a walking boot for several weeks, the QAnon conspiracy theorists started the theory that the boot in question was hide his ankle monitor, fueling an old rumor that he had been arrested following President Donald Trump's secret war against the "deep state". 

Biden has a suffered hairline fracture in his "mid-foot" and will require the help of a “walking boot for several weeks”, his doctor informed on Sunday, November 29. Dr Kevin O'Connor said, “Initial x-rays did not show any obvious fracture, but his clinical exam warranted more detailed imaging. Follow-up CT scan confirmed hairline (small) fractures of President-elect Biden's lateral and intermediate cuneiform bones, which are in the mid-foot. It is anticipated that he will likely require a walking boot for several weeks.” 

The theory rehashed by the QAnon is not a new one as the group regurgitated similar theories used against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the late Arizona Senator John McCain in the past. "Biden has an ankle bracelet. Biden didn’t hurt his foot . He’s got ankle cuffs on #MAGA #QANON #POTUS #Q #KAG #PATRIOT #WWG1WGA #WETHEPEOPLE" one of them tweeted, while another one wrote, "So lemme catch you up: the whole 'joe biden twisted his ankle while playing with his dog' shit is a psyop to hide the ankle bracelet" 

A third conspiracy theorist wrote, "Hey, guys, Biden DIDN'T REALLY hurt his ankle, but instead the thing on his leg is an indictment bracelet. I. Shit. You. Not." One more claimed, "#Anklegate Biden has a an ankle bracelet. EYE REPEAT Beijing Biden has a mother fucking tracking device around his ankle. The sprained foot fracture narrative is just a cover story. HE FLIPPED ON ALL OF YOU TRAITORS" The next commented, "Did [B]iden really twist his ankle, or with charges against him in the Ukraine and Flynn executing high level arrests, was his boot hiding an ankle bracelet?"






The theory was heavily ridiculed by the liberals too. "It’s impossible to reason with magical thinking. Anything can fit the narrative," one user wrote while another tweeted, "The 'Playing with Dog' is a cover story. This kind of injury happens when one Kicks a Foot up someone’s ass." Someone else said, "I knew this would be EXACTLY what they will think.... Between this and the 'mystery monolith' there should be qnonsence all over the place!!" 

One more wrote, "A special brand of insanity." Someone else opined, "Do they live in a timeline where Hillary and McCain were under arrest at some point? Cause that is not the timeline I’m living in." The next remarked, "I kinda miss simulation theory, Roswell and 9/11 conspiracy folks now. They seem so sane and well adjusted now in retrospect." Somebody commented, "We need to seriously address the Q problem. Go on prime time and debunk everything they say if we have to, but enough is enough." One user said, "Wouldn't pants cover an ankle monitor in a less conspicuous way?"









Biden was seen wearing a walking boot for the first time in public on Tuesday, December 1, ahead of an event to announce appointments to his economic team at The Queen Theater in Wilmington, Delaware. The former vice president made no attempts to hide his boot as he pointed at it as soon as he got out of his vehicle. The president-elect also gave a thumbs-up to reporters outside the event and said he felt “good” despite the injury.

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