QAnon followers say Trump’s March 4 ‘inauguration’ plan was false flag trick by Antifa, Internet says 'grow up'

'BLM and Antifa were relatively quiet recently. Now we know why, preparing for March 4,' a user on Gab wrote

                            QAnon followers say Trump’s March 4 ‘inauguration’ plan was false flag trick by Antifa, Internet says 'grow up'
QAnon followers (L) are blaming Antifa for Donald Trump 'reinstallation' rumors (Getty Images)

After claiming former president Donald Trump would be reinstalled again on March 4, QAnon believers have reportedly upped their game and created a conspiracy inside a conspiracy, saying that the March 4 reinstallation claims was a 'false flag' trap planned by Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists.

Speaking about the same, Jared Holt, a domestic extremism researcher at the Atlantic Council's Digital Forensic Research Lab, told The US Sun: “Pro-QAnon and broader far-right Trump movements have been plagued by paranoia since the attack on the US Capitol on January 6. We’ve observed increasing prevalence of ‘false flag’ conspiracy theories seemingly aimed at preempting would-be violence or embarrassment."


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While QAnon conspiracy theorists have been banned from Twitter, Facebook and other mainstream social media, they continue to spread misinformation on alternative platforms, like Gab and Bitchute. Also, some of QAnon conspiracy theories can still be found on conventional online platforms as online companies struggle to control them. A post on Gab in a QAnon-dedicated group with over 150,000 members reads: “There it is. The false flag narrative is being set up. Stay away from DC and any state capitol tomorrow. Far away. Funny thing though, Q never called for violence."

QAnon supporter at the 'Stop the Steal' rally in Washington, DC (Getty Images)

Another post on the same platform said, “The only people talking about this are the media and the idiots in DC. Trump supporters, MAGA and QAnon people are not planning to be anywhere near Dc on the 4th. If anything happens it will be a setup false flag.” One user on the social site noted, “Don't they mean Anitfa/BLM false flag day?" while the second one added: “BLM and Antifa were relatively quiet recently. Now we know why - preparing for Mar 4".

Not just that, several QAnon believers even went on to blame Antifa and BLM for the Capitol building riots that claimed the lives of five people, including a police officer. However, some reports also stated that many supporters of Trump still believe that the 74-year-old is working secretly to gain control back and the military is actually in his favor.

It has been said that QAnon believers opted for the date March 4 from the "sovereign citizen" movement, under which sovereign citizens “get to decide which laws to obey and which to ignore, and they don't think they should have to pay taxes.” "No REAL patriots will be there,” one user said on an alternative platform, while another stated, “Um they are not, but a false flag event will happen and the will be the Excuse to go after guns and gun owners."

A person added, “More antifa dressed in Trump gear so the democrats can impeach Trump again??" Many also said “please stay home March 4,5,6,7,8 - do not go to DC, there is no Trump rally" and "they are setting up a false flag so they can try to demonize conservative".

A woman holds a Trump 2020 flag and a Q Anon flag outside of Mankato Regional Airport (Getty Images)

“QAnon exists as an umbrella for a myriad of different conspiracy theories — ranging from topics like 5G cell towers to vaccines — that are perfectly capable to barreling forward even if people disengage with Q posts. They were excited at Trump's return at CPAC, and did what they always do: search for symbolism in his speech that would validate their false beliefs,” Holt added.

Twitter was also buzzing after QAnon believers’ false claims as one user said, “They gonna keep on turning back what’s wrong with these dummies they need to grow up and hope Jesus find them.” The second user added, “It’s never going to stop. They’re like Harold Camping predicting the end of the world. Supposed to happen 1994? No? 2011? No? The day just keeps shifting.”



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