'Psychic Kids': Two 9-year-old children left afraid and isolated after being haunted by violent spirits

'Psychic Kids': Two 9-year-old children left afraid and isolated after being haunted by violent spirits

How does one decide what kind of a stance to take when it comes to the paranormal and the supernatural? Chalk it off completely as hogwash? Maintain a healthy skepticism? Or maybe suspend all disbelief?

There's no rule of thumb here because everyone comes with their presuppositions, especially for an issue that's so contentious. But is every single person who has come out to claim they see spirits and otherworldly beings doing it for the attention? With adults, it's easier to suggest it's monetarily motivated, but kids too?

A&E's 'Psychic Kids' first debuted in the summer of 2008 and saw Chip Coffey, a self-proclaimed psychic and psychic investigator, along with Edy Nathan, Chris Fleming, and Kim Russo go around the country and bring together children who report having these so-called psychic abilities.

The series went on for three seasons, with each season featuring multiple episodes covering children who had been overwhelmed by experiences involving spirits and beings they seemingly could not explain.

Now, close to nine years after it aired its last episode, 'Psychic Kids' is returning to A&E with some of the same kids who featured in the initial season, but with a twist. These kids are now fully-grown adults who will be tasked with mentoring a new generation of gifted children.

According to the network, season four will feature "Eight all-new episodes, those original kids, who are now successful young adults, will work to empower a new generation of young psychics. They will spend time with the children and their families to assist them in not only taking control of their paranormal abilities but also showing them the remarkable power of their immense gifts."

MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) was given a sneak peek at the first episode of the new season, and it's intriguing, to say the least.

The episode pivots back and forth between Peri Zarrella and Ryan Michaels, both 25, who have been asked to help families who have found it increasingly difficult to relate to their young children because of the visions they had been having in recent times.


Peri, who now boasts of a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University and Education from the Spirituality Mind Body Institute, finds herself in the Lower Burell, Pennsylvania, home of nine-year-old Kendyll.

Kendyll is adopted and came from a dysfunctional home. Of late, she says she has been hounded by violent spirits and 'the grey people' and has become increasingly angsty and uneasy around the home. Once happy and bubbly, she is now nervous and afraid all the time.

Ryan, who first featured on season 3 of 'Psychic Kids' as a 16-year-old who had premonitions of tragic events, has made quite the name for himself as well. Having helped the FBI in solving thousands of missing person's cases over the years, he heads to Columbia, Maryland, to help nine-year-old Ethan.

Ethan has been experiencing the paranormal since he was just three-years-old. But recently, he has found himself being bullied and becoming more and more isolated as his visions threaten to go out of control.


As the episode progresses, both Peri and Ryan go about guiding their respective proteges and teaching them how to harness their abilities, and those intrigued can watch how it unfolds when the new seasons premiers on A&E on August 21. 

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 Psychic Kids Haunted by violent spirits two nine year old children left isolated and afraid