'Proud Boys' member arrested for violent clash with Antifa members gets incredible makeover for court appearance

John Kinsman, a member of the far-right organization, ditched his scraggly beard and unkempt hair for a neat suit, short trim, and a smart pair of glasses

                            'Proud Boys' member arrested for violent clash with Antifa members gets incredible makeover for court appearance

A member of far-right organization 'Proud Boys' — which admits only men as members and has been known to promote political violence — was arrested last week over inciting a violent clash with Antifa protestors in New York City earlier this month. And while that may hardly be a surprise, what really took people by surprise was the complete makeover he underwent for his court appearance this Thursday.

Previously pictured sporting a long, scruffy beard, scraggly hair, and Carhartt overalls, 39-year-old John Kinsman underwent a drastic change in appearance for his most recent outing in court. He was seen donning a smart gray suit complete with a tie and a short-cropped hair that had been gelled back, as well as a pair of stylish black-rimmed glasses.


Kinsman was one of five Proud Boys arrested over a brawl that erupted outside an Upper East Side Republican club on October 12 following a 50-person rally led by organization leader and founder Gavin McInnes. Kinsman, who was described by prosecutors during his arraignment last Friday as the "single most vicious" of the nine Proud Boys identified in cell phone and surveillance videos, was charged with attempted gang assault, attempted assault, riot and criminal possession of a weapon following his arrest.

According to the New York Post, prosecutors said that the 39-year-old had body slammed, repeatedly punched and stomped on at least two Antifa members while a cigarette dangled from his mouth. He is due back in court on December 6 for his next hearing.

Over 80 protestors showed up to protest McInnes' rally, chanting, "No racists, no KKK, no fascist USA," shouting slogans and holding signs and banners that opposed white supremacy. When the rally concluded, fist-fights broke out on the sidewalk.


The NYPD released video footage of the melee and asked for the public's help in identifying the culprits. Kinsman was arrested the next morning and soon, four others followed. 38-year-old Geoffrey Young, of New City, New York, was arrested next and charged with riot and attempted assault. On Monday, three others — 41-year-old Irvin Antillon of Queens, 40-year-old Douglas Lennan of Northport, Long Island, and 26-year-old Maxwell Hare — turned themselves in with the police and were charged with riot and assault. Authorities say they're still hunting for four of the others involved.

Supporters of Kinsman have defended him by pointing out that he could not be racist because his wife 'ZC', was black. The Daily Mail reported that ZC called herself a 'Proud Boys Girl' in her Twitter profile that also linked to the group's fundraising website.

The website has an updated description which defends those who have been arrested and reads, "The media has portrayed these men as part of an 'Alt-Right hate group' despite the fact that two of the four white men arrested have black wives and kids (the other 'Proud Boys of interest' aren’t even white)."

"These are just patriots who love this country living in a left-wing city that hates them. Please purchase one of these wrist bands in solidarity with innocent men everywhere who are persecuted by big government opportunists who want to further their career at all costs. 100% of the proceeds will go to legal fees and surrounding costs," the site added.