Zhong Chenle’s fans call on agency to #ProtectChenle after stalker posts bloody images: ‘He’s 18 years old'

Korean pop idols have been affected by their saesangs aka toxic stalkers for a while now and Chenle of NCT Dream was the latest victim

                            Zhong Chenle’s fans call on agency to #ProtectChenle after stalker posts bloody images: ‘He’s 18 years old'
Zhong Chenle (Getty Images)

#ProtectChenle as a hashtag began trending on Twitter on Wednesday after fans decided to call out NCT Dream idol Zhong Chenle's agency for not putting their idol's safety on priority. It started when a saesang aka a stalker fan decided to share images of having written a sign for Chenle in blood. Not only that, the social media handle that shared this image also shared a number of messages which stated that the fan possesses Chenle and will do anything to be with the star. The fan also seems to have acquired Chenle's contact details and has also shared edited images of Chenle holding the bloody sign as well. 

This disturbing line of events caused fans to call out NCT Dream's agency SM Entertainment and have asked that the agency to step up and take strict action against toxic fans who affect idols' state of mind. One must remember that Chenle, who is a Chinese resident settled in Seoul, South Korea, is only 18 years old. The teenager has reportedly been harassed by many adult saesangs before, so fans of the star have now decided to help keep their favorite star safe by calling out the agency. 

One fan wrote, "He is YOUR ARTIST. you should have been protecting him since the very start, including everyone else under SM." Another fan observed, "Blood and self-harm. Bare in mind that Chenle is only 18 years old, he’s still a teenager and he has to deal with all this so can everyone please take a bit of their time to email SM using this template? #PROTECTCHENLE."

Another fan of Korean pop artists wrote, "I think I speak for everyone on this but I am so done with s*s*ngs, and I am so done with SM not protecting their artists. Seriously, I don’t care if you’re a Chenle stan or not, I don’t care if you’re an NCTzen or not. Please reply with #PROTECTCHENLE." A frustrated fan pointed out, "Do your job SM, this is getting out of hand. Chenle is one of the most positive, hard-working, kind and funny idols. He does not deserve all this creepy behavior directed towards him, all the saesangs following him all the time. DO. YOUR. JOB."

One fan posted screenshots of all the posts by the saesang fan and wrote, "I can't believe someone would actually do this, it's absolutely DISGUSTING and this really needs to be taken seriously. Chenle doesn't deserve to see this and neither does anyone else, for Christ['s] sake he's 18 YEARS OLD , absolutely gross #PROTECTCHENLE."

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