Who is Property Brothers’ Drew Scott married to? Here's the businesswoman who fell for his 'singing talent'

Who is Property Brothers’ Drew Scott married to? Here's the businesswoman who fell for his 'singing talent'
Linda Phan and Drew Scott (Getty Images)

'Property Brothers' star Drew Scott married long-time girlfriend, Linda Phan, in stunning Italian nuptials played out on TLC special ‘Linda and Drew Say I Do’. Though curious fans got an insight into the couple's relationship, there's much more to Mrs Scott than her simply marrying an HGTV star.

The pair met in 2010 at a Toronto Fashion Week event, and Scott instantly knew there was something special about Phan. She was dressed as a member of the "fashion police" and handing out tickets to those who could not live up to the fashion standards. Did our homeboy Scott get a ticket? We don’t know! Their first date was supposed to be just sushi and hot chocolate but turned into an all-nighter after Scott tagged along to a karaoke party with Phan. She later shared on Instagram that it was, "The first song you sang to me, I’m On A Boat, was probably the first time I fell in love with you. The first of many times. Happy 1st to my one and only!"

Phan, a businesswoman, is family-minded and a lover of Disney and decadent foods — and apparently she's ideally suited to her goofy giant of a man. The "longest first date ever", as Phan described it in an interview with People, surely led to a lifetime of happiness for the couple who is an actual match made in heaven. "For my wife, Linda, and me, we've actually really enjoyed our time together," Drew shared with E! In a recent interview, talking about how they are spending their time in the lockdown, Scott said: "Because, we're always usually on the road, we're on a plane every two days. So, we haven't flown since the beginning of March." He added that he and his wife had been doing a lot of cooking and yoga to pass the time.

Family is of utmost importance to both Scott and Phan. Although they got married in May 2018, Phan has been an integral member of the Scott Brothers Entertainment team for many years, and currently serves as a creative director. "We love what we do and that we can work side by side," Scott told Your Tango. Phan's first job, meanwhile, was at a movie theater, as she revealed in an interview with HGTV Canada. She's got simple tastes across the board, from wanting to get married in Italy so they could "chow down on pizza, pasta, and gelato", to Scott's Dr Seuss-inspired proposal which, according to HGTV Canada, included a custom made cake.

Phan is also a Disney nut; 'A Whole New World' from 'Aladdin' is her go-to for karaoke. She's also a "crafting queen" as Scott proudly told People. However, as Phan told People, she'd happily give up her crafting space to make room for a baby.

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