Radical left-wing group plans to kill Jeff Bezos if Trump is re-elected, reveals Project Veritas: 'Pure evil'

The bizarre plan in question was revealed by a man identified as Kristopher Jacks, a committee member of Colorado's Weld County Democratic Party, in secretly recorded conversations

                            Radical left-wing group plans to kill Jeff Bezos if Trump is re-elected, reveals Project Veritas: 'Pure evil'
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In a video released on Tuesday, October 14, Project Veritas, a right-wing activist group founded in 2010, revealed that the radical left had a plan to kill Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos if President Donald Trump was re-elected on November 3. 

The bizarre plan in question was revealed by a man identified as Kristopher Jacks, a committee member of Colorado’s Weld County Democratic Party, in secretly recorded conversations with a journalist from Project Veritas. Jacks is also reportedly an executive with Our Revolution, a political action organization that was established after Senator Bernie Sanders ran for president in 2016.

In a candid conversation that Jacks clearly wasn't aware was being recorded, the left-wing operative told the journalist his violent plan for election night if things did not go as the liberals planned. 

"I'm gonna be in my garage, right next to my gun safe, all night long, on the 3rd, because that is how seriously I take this stuff... If you want to do some Versailles sh*t. If you want to do some Antifa sh*t. You really want to change this country that way, with violence, there’s only one way to do it," Jacks was heard saying in the video.

"You gotta get people that are close to billionaires and start just, random billionaires start turning up dead. And nobody knows what the f**ks going on. Nobody knows. Nope, I don't know. They just turned up dead. And just three or four of 'em is all it's going to take. All it's going to take is a pattern of I don't know, I don’t know man. I don’t know what happened. Just showed up that way. I walked in. That’s how it was."

"That's the only way that’s, you do that to three or four people enough to say that this is a pattern, and this is why – draw a dollar sign on their desk or whatever you do, that’s what it’s going to take. It’s going to take a strategic hit against the .1% that’s in charge, cause that’s who it is. Killing random Nazis in the street, random f**king bootlickers."


When the journalist pressed Jacks about which billionaires might be targeted, he initially said that it "doesn't matter" but later revealed, "Bezos at the top of the list." But they ain't stabbing mother f**kers like they used to. They don't have to though cause they used to stab people. See? And that’s all we gotta say. Guillotines motherf**ker. That's all we gotta say. Option A, what I'm proposing. Option two, slicey bois. What are your choices? Which one do you want?" he added. 

Jacks continued: "Unions have power because they used to stab mother f**kers, they used to bury people beneath Giants Stadium. We have power. Populist uprisings have power because we used to kill people. We used to hang people from gas stations. We used to cut off their heads. We don’t have to actually cut heads. We just have to say that we’re willing to cut off heads. You know what I’m saying? Nobody wants a slicey boi. Nobody wants one of those."

As soon as Project Veritas tweeted the video, outraged and shocked social media users started to react to it. "Wow !!.... scary..... pure evil ..... but God does always win !!... just like in Germany WW2 ....need I say more !" one said, while another wrote, "The sheep have already fallen in line." A third commented, "Unfortunately, not all that shocking coming from these people nowadays. Truly sad." Another said, "Chilling!!! We know they are out there!"








James O'Keefe, the founder and CEO of Project Veritas, revealed in the video that they had been following Jacks for a long time ever since they met him for the first time during the presidential primary race. "Now, we have caught up with him in Colorado... Jacks represents the radical wing of the Democratic Party in Colorado — he is someone most Americans should be afraid of," O'Keefe said.

Jacks went on to add that the radical left operatives were prepared to go to any lengths to ensure that Trump did not receive a second term. "I am going to do everything morally acceptable to win. I will lie. I will cheat. I will steal. Because that's morally acceptable in this political environment. Absolutely. We are pirates on a pirate ship," said Jacks."I want to make this point very loudly and very clearly. I said it nicely before, but I'll say it more curtly now. 2020 is a political revolution."

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