'Project Runway': Fans think judges' praises may be getting into Victoria Cocieru's head

Moldova-born Victoria Cocieru has been consistently appreciated by the judges and that may cause her to become overconfident.

                            'Project Runway': Fans think judges' praises may be getting into Victoria Cocieru's head
Victoria Cocieru (Bravo)

'Project Runway' designer Victoria Cocieru has been consistent in her work, delivering masterpieces week after week, finishing each round at the top and even winning one of them. But fans online have a concern if all that appreciation and cheer has gone to her head?

This week's episode was all about finding inspiration from one's heritage. The contestants were given an opportunity to FaceTime with their families, trying to learn more about their backgrounds and where they came from. Victoria had a little chat with her husband, who asked her to focus on how beautiful Moldova's women are.

Before any of that happen, Victoria was seen gloating about how she had ended up being on top each week and that she is now guilty of it. She even jokingly added that she doesn't want to be killed when she goes to sleep. Even though it was a fun banter with one of the fellow designers, Chelsey Carter, viewers are wary that all that success might just make her more confident than she needs to be at the moment.

In most parts of the episode, Victoria was seen either commenting on a fellow designer's choice of color or his/ her backstory. She even shaded Sergio in her confessionals, saying he is not even his competition.

Interestingly, even though her work is being loved by the judges ⁠— Elaine Welteroth, Nina Garcia, Brandon Maxwell and Karlie Kloss ⁠— eliminated contestant Tyler Neasloney thought she has been repetitive in the way her silhouettes fall. In the after-show chat with mentor Christian Siriano, he was asked to critique a couple of designs and when Victoria's outfits were put on screen, he said: "Now is that the 3rd or 4th dress that Victoria made in that shape? I think it's the 4th. She'll take one in every color and so will the judges."

Meanwhile, users on Twitter are wondering if Victoria has become overconfident with time and hoping she stays rooted.

"All the arrogance is off-putting this season. I've enjoyed Victoria's work and she should be confident, but I hope she doesn't start feeling herself TOO much ... #ProjectRunway," a fan posted, while another wrote: "I'm not saying Victoria isn't talented, but she's not so talented that she should be criticizing other designer's stories. Stay in your lane. #YouKeepMakingTheSameOutfit #ProjectRunway."

"I like Victoria's confidence, but I hope it doesn't go to her head. #ProjectRunway," a fan expressed.

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