'Project Runway': Christian should use 'Siriano Save' to bring back Shavi Lewis, fans demand

'Project Runway': Christian should use 'Siriano Save' to bring back Shavi Lewis, fans demand
Shavi Lewis (Bravo)

Shavi Lewis was shown the doors in this week's 'Project Runway.' Even though the designer's outfits have a chic elegance about them, this time it missed the mark by miles. The garment was shoddily sown and was not a good look on Shavi's talent.

The heritage challenge was a difficult gig for Shavi as he believes he tripped up on the emotions and got carried away, but he's not complaining and strangely okay with his exit when he tells Christian Siriano in the after-show chat: "But, you know. We're here now." However, he did elaborate on where he went wrong with his piece. 

At the Mood's, while picking up fabric and embellishments, none of the linings available were working out for Shavi, which then made him take a hard call on his approach towards sowing the garment. "Let's scrap the lining and just kinda do what I normally do, which is like the illusion of a gown. But then when I got to work, we didn't have the machine to make like the type of swimsuit lining that I would have made to go along with something like that," he shared. 


While piecing the outfit together, Shavi made the decision of using muslin at the back to give the gown a solid backing, but that plan backfired when the skirt began to buckle up against the muslin that he used to line it with. And it became a huge problem, with the fabric gathered in weird shapes at different places in the garment. 

Even though Shavi's work didn't receive too many points, his inspiration was solid and so on-point. The New Jersey boy's finished product was heavily influenced by his grandmother's sister, who was part Cuban and had a lighter skin tone, which presented her with plenty of opportunities to perform in clubs across Europe. And on most of her travels, she would take Shavi's grandmother along, and on those tours, she picked up sowing as she got inspired by all the costumes performers would wear to the stage. 

Meanwhile, fans are hoping Christian will use his 'Siriano Save' to bring back Shavi because he seemed genuinely affected by his elimination. 


"I want Cristian to use his save!! @BravoTV #ProjectRunway," a fan wrote. "I was kinda hoping for the Siriano Save there for Shavi. #projectrunway," another wrote. "I think Christian would save Shavi....not the other two. #projectrunway," a fan expressed. 

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