'Project Runway': Sergio's Avant-Garde garment was 'copied' and fans are not pleased as he enters the finals

'Project Runway': Sergio's Avant-Garde garment was 'copied' and fans are not pleased as he enters the finals

This week's episode of 'Project Runway' was nothing short of a delight. The pieces that the designers put together were all worthy of the highest reward, but Brittany Allen and Marquise Foster were eliminated.

Sergio Guadarrama's sewing skills have been termed "a cut above the rest" by judge Elaine Welteroth, but Nina Garcia wasn't one bit pleased to see him present an Avante-Garde piece that's heavily inspired by established designers such as John Galliano and Alexander McQueen. Even though Sergio's Samurai warrior story attached to the garment did justice, the look didn't appeal to Nina at all because she thought it was a highly referenced one.

This isn't the first time that Sergio's work has drawn flak. Previously, the contestants were tasked with a tuxedo challenge, in which they had to reinvent the style. He did a white reverse tuxedo and called it an original work. Whereas singer Celine Dione already appeared in it for the Academy Awards held eons ago. Fans had criticized the judges on social media for praising his garment and completely overlooking that it was a copy of John's work.


But, Brandon Maxwell insisted on keeping him because he would give "the best runway looks." It was a tough fight between him and Marquise, whom Karlie Kloss thought had so much raw talent and therefore, deserved a mentorship. However, Nancy Volpe-Beringer turned out to be an absolute favorite. Even though Nina didn't find her Avante-Garde number to be striking enough because it didn't shine through at the Vessel, New York (runway venue), Elaine was into tears when she saw Nancy breakdown upon learning she was going to the fashion finale.

Meanwhile, fans are livid and wondering how Sergio got through to the finals. 

"Why #ProjectRunway Why? All Sergio did was copy other designers today was not the first time. @ninagarcia was right more than once. Ugh!" a fan shared. "Yeah I'm thinking he knows he's copying but he thinks the judges are too dumb to notice. Don't underestimate Nina. She will cut you," another wrote.

"Who were the designers looking at tonight Clearly NOT WHAT WE THE VIEWERS were watching...You copy designs all season and get to show at Fashion Week! WOW #ProjectRunway #bravotv," a viewer expressed.


"It might be time to stop watching #ProjectRunway One trick ponies and people who copy other designers is not why I watch. Bad call judges," another tweeted.

"I can’t believe you would choose someone who copies off of famous designers to go to fashion week. Sorry judging ijs #ProjectRunway," a user pointed out.

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