'Project Runway': Fans slam Sergio for 'fake' and 'phony' tears over the immigrant story behind his dress

'Project Runway': Fans slam Sergio for 'fake' and 'phony' tears over the immigrant story behind his dress
Sergio Guadarrama (Bravo)

Sergio Guadarrama is all about the drama. He has kept the viewers and judges entertained with his blunt remarks and honest opinions. 

In this week's episode of 'Project Runway', we see him crying inconsolably as he throws light on the inspiration behind his heritage challenge outfit. Sergio comes from a family of immigrants and his idea for the round was all about the six immigrant children who died at the border, all of whose names were hand-embroidered on the garment.  

Even though his story was appreciated, the design wasn't. Even though he did his best to sway the judges with the emotions attached to his piece, fans weren't having it and thought it was orchestrated and a forceful effort to look good.

"Sergio, Omg what the heck was that? The dress had no connection with your story, fake tears, the dress looked like a party dress but with some emotional story hidden..lmao. surprised they still kept him.. #ProjectRunway," a fan wrote.

Another posted: "Oh my gawd!!! Sergio is so fake and phony. I can't stand it!!! It is award season, and the Oscar goes to...#ProjectRunway." "#ProjectRunway Sergio puuuulease. That tacky cha-cha quinceanera dress is heinous. And just because you throw some poorly stitched names on it doesn't make it fashion," a viewer shared.


"Since when has Sergio been about causes? His mission as fake as the next door terror cat's whiskers. #ProjectRunway," a viewer said.

This is the second time in a row that Sergio has been ranked at the bottom. With the designer of his caliber and experience, this shouldn't happen. Maybe next time he could seek advice from mentor Christian Siriano, with whom he hasn't been on his best behavior.

Even today, when Christian asked to see what Sergio had going on, he flat-out rejected his request saying he was stitching a personal story and would be able to show it to him once it's nearly done. However, later he called on Christian and shared his backstory, which impressed Christian. However, the end product had everyone puzzled.

Elaine Welteroth said that everyone at the judges' panel has a heart for the particular issue adding that the story has put the garment into context, but then if she were to critically analyze the garment then it would be fair to say that the cotton lacework cheapened it.


"You have a great platform here to say things that the world hasn't talked about. But, you have to inspire people. And, as a Latino I wish you elevated the Latino concept. I feel like this stayed in comic book world," guest judge Fernando Garcia commented.

Nina Garcia added that there was an unfinished element about the dress Sergio had made and that he could have done better. 

Let's hope Sergio comes back stronger next week.

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