'Project Runway': Sergio gets slammed for copying Celine Dion's iconic reverse tuxedo and calling it original

'Project Runway': Sergio gets slammed for copying Celine Dion's iconic reverse tuxedo and calling it original
Celine Dion and Sergio Guadarrama's reverse tuxedo (Getty Images / Bravo)

Sergio Guadarrama has enough and more fashion design experience behind him and one would always expect something novel to come from his work table. However, in this week's episode of 'Project Runway,' he has fans and fellow contestants disappointed. 

The designers were tasked with the tuxedo challenge, where they had to create tuxedos with a modern twist that can be worn by everyone. Sergio constructed a reverse tuxedo and said it's an original piece of work and no one until now has thought of it.

Interestingly, Celine Dion wore a reverse / backward tuxedo designed by John Galliano paired with a slanted brim hat and is remembered to this date because no one had worn it or thought of it then. Brittany Allen, a fellow contestant on the show, too thought it was a rip-off of Celine's design from the late 1990s.

Jenn Charkow, one of the eliminated contestants who was a part of the challenge to help one of the designers, also called Sergio out for pretending to not know an iconic garment that was a dramatic addition to the fashion scene.


Meanwhile, fans are trolling Sergio for calling someone else's design his original work. 

Sergio Guadarrama on 'Project Runway' (Bravo)

"I hope someone tells Sergio that he most certainly absolutely DID NOT invent the backwards tuxedo, shown here on the Queen! #ProjectRunway Céline Dion Says Her Backwards Oscar Tux Was Ahead of Its Time," a fan wrote.

Another shared: "Sergio: I'm doing a backwards tux. I've never seen it done before. This is so out of the box and revolutionary. Celine Dion: Are you sure? #ProjectRunway."

"Sergio has never seen a tuxedo worn backwards? Celine Dion at the Oscars. Hello! #ProjectRunway," one user tweeted whereas another pointed out: "Sergio. Celine Dion wore a backward tux about 10 years ago. Oh you’re so original omg #ProjectRunway."


"Sergio is literally copying the backwards tuxedo from Celine Dion #ProjectRunway," a viewer expressed.

"Sergio sending out a copycat of Celine Dion in Galliano's backwards tux look then declaring, 'It’s very original and I don’t know how the judges could say anything negative about my design...' is giving me the same energy as: #ProjectRunway," another user posted. 

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