'Project Runway': Delvin's 'glamorous garbage bag' comment and Brittany's criticism on Nancy's dress draw flak

'Project Runway': Delvin's 'glamorous garbage bag' comment and Brittany's criticism on Nancy's dress draw flak
Delvin McCray, Nancy Volpe-Beringer and Brittany Allen (Bravo)

Nancy Volpe-Beringer, a 64-year-old Philadelphia-based designer, has stayed true to the adage — age is just a number. At 58, she ditched her successful career and enrolled herself in a master's program at Drexel University with the hope that she'd make it big in fashion.

And look at her now. She is competing with designers half her age on 'Project Runway' and still managing to stand out from the crowd.

In this week's episode, judges Elaine Welteroth, Brandon Maxwell, Nina Garcia, Karlie Kloss and guest judge Thom Browne critiqued her work as it seemed repetitive. She had her model walk the runway wearing similar pants, only wider, for the Ashley Longshore challenge.

Her tuxedo reinvention wasn't impressive and put her in the bottom three along with Delvin McCray and Brittany Allen, who was saved from elimination by Christian Siriano later. 

This was disheartening for Nancy because she really thought the brocade print and white lapels would be different and loved by all. However, she needs a special mention for not giving up mid-way especially after what Brittany and Delvin had to say about her work.


The designers were back in their penthouse discussing day one at the workroom when Brittany and Delvin began trashing Nancy's design, with Delvin even calling it a "glamourous garbage bag". This could have easily broken Nancy's spirit, but in her green-room interview, she said the comments only made her stronger. 

Nancy Volpe-Beringer's design for the tuxedo challenge (Bravo)

Meanwhile, fans are furious at Delvin and Brittany for being so mean towards Nancy and showing absolutely no acknowledgment for the hard work she put in.

"So Nancy may not know how to read, pour tea, clap back, but she knows survival. She faced some challenges and came out the other side, scorched but not burned AND @delvinmccray SHOULD KNOW BETTER!! at least she is not bitter.#projectrunway," a fan wrote.


Another shared: "I hope Delvin and Brittney stop trash talking and eat a whole humble pie. Both of your looks were trash and had the nerve to talk about Nancy, who also needs to elevate her design. The only person who should go home next week is Sergio. #ProjectRunway."

"Being a woman of a certain age (54), I would never let those little snots talk to, or about me the way Nancy does. Her work is always impeccable.#ProjectRunway," a user pointed out. 

"These 'designers' are bullies toward Nancy and full of themselves #ProjectRunway," one viewer expressed. "#ProjectRunway If Devlin, Brittany, and Victoria are shading and disrespecting Nancy because of her age, they should remember that, one day, they will be her age... if they’re lucky," a fan tweeted.

"I am SO HAPPY that Nancy gets to stay...especially after all the sh*t Brit & Delvin talked! AND they said it so she could hear it which is just really mean! It's called Karma, kids! #ProjectRunway," a viewer shared. 


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