'Project Runway' Season 18 Episode 1 sees Jenn Charkow and Asma Bibi eliminated, but fans say 'they didn't deserve that'

'Project Runway' Season 18 Episode 1 sees Jenn Charkow and Asma Bibi eliminated, but fans say 'they didn't deserve that'
Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia, and Zendaya (Source : Getty Images)

'Project Runway' season 18 is out and on to a flying start. It's just been an episode and we already have an elimination disappointment. Jenn Charkow and Asma Bibi were the first ones to be shown the door and they're not taking it well. 

The contestants were given the challenge to create space-themed jumpsuits and cocktail dresses, but both Jenn and Asma didn't quite pick up on it. The judges - Nina Garcia, Brandon Maxwell, and Elaine Welteroth - were let down by their efforts and thought their teamwork didn't quite match up to the rest. While Jenn's jumpsuit was plain-Jane, Asma's asymmetric piece was almost like it was dipped in a tub of liquid cotton candy. There was too much happening with her outfit and that was what failed to impress the judges. Nina even called it a 'tent.' 

The designers were visibly dejected to have been out of the show this early. In their confessionals, they did admit to not listening to their intuition and how they both created pieces that weren't their style at all. 


However, fans aren't ready to agree with the maiden elimination and have been venting on social media about the same. Here's what some of them wrote: ''Asma didn't deserve that. That wasn't a good start to the #ProjectRunway season. I was so excited - I HATE they ended the first episode this way. Gross. Did NOT like.''

''Jenn seemed to blame Asma for her screw-ups AND I don't like her for it. She made her own decisions. At the same time, Asma said she had no problem w/ none-stretchy fabric. Asma's was a smidge crazy but Jenn's was boring. #ProjectRunway''

''I would have liked to see more from Asma - the modesty angle is interesting. That outfit was crazy though. #ProjectRunway''

Well, let's not quit hoping to see them back though because we have a 'Siriano Save' for the win. This special power will be used by Christian to bring back an eliminated contestant so that he/ she can showcase designs at the final collection during New York Fashion Week. 


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