'Project Runway': Delvin McCray may be out of the race but these top 10 designs will always be remembered

McCray's 'safe' garment for the tie-dye challenge resulted in his elimination from the competition

                            'Project Runway': Delvin McCray may be out of the race but these top 10 designs will always be remembered
Delvin McCray and his last design on the show (Bravo)

Delvin McCray of 'Project Runway' has been one a promising designer on the show. However, he was sent home this time as the judges - Elaine Welteroth, Brandon Maxwell, Nina Garcia, Karlie Kloss - and guest judge Leslie Jones thought it was not his best work and the contestant played it safe by keeping it simple.

Meanwhile, this was not Delvin's first time as a bottom-ranking designer. A few weeks ago, Delvin along with Sergio Guadarrama, and Shavi Lewis (now eliminated) received the lowest scores for putting together unimpressive garments for the heritage challenge. This was closer to home and one would think as an easy task to pull off. But unfortunately, for them, the designs didn't work in their favor.

While critiquing his garment, Elaine commented on how it was very 'dynasty' and the color story (it was a bold pink half jacket, which was completed by a corset on the other side) wasn't working for him. Brandon thought Delvin got lost in his story and didn't know what to say through his work. Nina said it was very ambitious of him to go for an idea as risky as his and that was what worked against him. 

Check out Delvin's design journey down below.

Delvin's journey on the show was an interesting one. He is easily one of the silent ones when they started out - he would mind his own business and finish up his work on time. But that changed over time and you could see that he had gotten a lot more vocal about his opinions. 

Interestingly, the last few weeks saw him criticize Nancy Volpe-Beringer incessantly. In the previous episode, he had even said her pants were more like a 'glamorous garbage bag.' For this alone he lost a lot of love among fans online. He was slammed for being so mean towards his fellow contestant. 

However, he did manage to leave an impact on the judges, contestants, the show and its viewers? "Nooooo! @delvinmccray ! You had such an amazing run this season. Your attention to detail and commitment to couture (That coat!) will take you far!! #ProjectRunway," Karlie tweeted.

Here's a look at his designs right from the season premiere episode and onwards. 

Project Runway: Delvin McCray created interesting pieces of garment for space, animal print, and Christmas decor challenges. (Bravo)


Project Runway: Delvin McCray's upcycled number, and 1980s-inspired outfit, were impressive. But, the garment for the heritage challenge wasn't received well. (Bravo)


The Ashley Longshore challenge brought Delvin McCray his best compliments. His sheer work was on point, but the reinvented tuxedo was questionable. (Bravo)


This tie and dye design got Delvin McCray out of the 'Project Runway' race (Bravo)


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