'Project Runway': Delvin gets eliminated while Victoria stays despite sending a 'denim diaper' down the runway

Delvin McCray's tie-dye coat dress in orange, pink and yellow failed to impress the judges and fans have a bone to pick with their decision

                            'Project Runway': Delvin gets eliminated while Victoria stays despite sending a 'denim diaper' down the runway
Delvin McCray (Bravo)

In this week's episode of 'Project Runway,' Delvin McCray was eliminated but Victoria Cocieru stayed despite being told her flowy blouse looks as if a lava lamp exploded on it and the pants she paired it with was more like denim diaper.

Judges Brandon Maxwell, Elaine Welteroth, Nina Garcia, Karlie Kloss and guest judge Leslie Jones thought she still went out of her comfort zone. They also felt she created something interesting.

Brandon even defended both designers saying that they got tripped up on the tie-dye technique and once done, they didn't have much time left for working on the design aspect of their garment.

Victoria experience yet another workroom meltdown when the dye on her fabric blended to form a gradient, which was miles away from the tie-dye challenge the designers were tasked with.

The designers had one night to design, select fabric, stitch, fit and send them down the runway. It was a tough task and it's going to get more difficult in the coming weeks with just six contestants left.  

Meanwhile, fans are not having it with the judges' decision to keep Victoria on the show even after she put together an unimpressive piece of clothing. Agreeing with them is Delvin in Christian Sirian's after-show chat session.

He believes Victoria will win the show because no matter what "trash" she sends on to the runway, they keep bringing her back on "life support." The eliminated designer thinks she will beat all odds.

"This is some utter BS yet again this week. We have lost two good designers against Victoria. It’s a joke and the judges are forcing her through over better designers #ProjectRunway," a fan wrote.

Another shared: "Judges saved Victoria's diaper pants. I agree with the judges though but Delvin is a damn good designer!! #ProjectRunway."

"#projectrunway Hell No Delvin hasn't been on the bottom or put out trash compared to Victoria. They r setting her up for fashion week. I can't with her one note #projectrunway," another viewer expressed.

"How the HELL did Delvyn go home instead of Victoria? Her design looked like it had been set on fire, puked on, then run over by a street sweeper, who backed up to finish the job. She doesn't deserve to stay. #ProjectRunway," another user shared.

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