'Project Blue Book' Season 1 Episode 2: A secret war rages on between Dr. J Allen Hynek and his associate Michael Quinn

Hynek and Quinn have been at odds with each other ever since they met and this time it becomes a matter of who manages to overpower the other

                            'Project Blue Book' Season 1 Episode 2: A secret war rages on between Dr. J Allen Hynek and his associate Michael Quinn

History Channel's take on the alien controversies of the 1950s which led to the highly classified findings of UFOs, 'Project Blue Book', kicked off by developing the bond between Dr. J Allen Hynek and Captain Michael Quinn in episode one. However, their bond takes a rather sinister turn in the second episode which is set to air on Tuesday, January 15, Tuesday. Starring Aidan Gillen as Hynek and Michael Malarkey as Quinn, the episode two picks up with the two traveling all across the nation to West Virginia where a woman (played by 'Grey's Anatomy' alum, Brooke Smith) and her children claim to have encountered the presence of extraterrestrial beings. 

The subtle genuineness of the second episode lies in its use of the woman's circumstance to highlight the conflicting bond between Hynek and Quinn.

Hynek is a man of study, he refers to his books to find answers and often tends to understand reality a little more than what his own perceptive knowledge would allow. On the other hand, Quinn is a man of law. To him, everything should be categorized under a rule, and if they cannot be done, then Quinn does not hesitate in delving into an utter state of denial. However, when these two distinctly separate individuals were put to the test in the same situation under the same circumstances, their difference in morale comes crashing down as they are both flabbergasted by the revelation.


Quinn, who is an unmovable skeptic sees the entire situation as just another instance of mass hysteria that often arises from people's need to gain attention. To him, the story about the monster in the woods was a confirmation of his take on people's tendency to cook up stories around conspiracies. However, he never steps back when the time arrives for him to act as the protector. In spite of being sure that the woman was only imagining the story she was telling, Quinn does protect her from the impending doom that was brought in by the town people who were now considering her a witch.

Quinn's skepticism is a result of his need to seek validation. (A+E Networks)
Quinn's skepticism is a result of his need to seek validation. (A+E Networks)

While Quinn remained an arrogant skeptic, for the most part, Hynek's discovery in the first episode certainly did not allow him to doubt what he was hearing. After he discovered the symbols that the mysterious man in the hat had left behind for him in the first episode, he once again encounters his own fear. Hynek knows that the woman's story was not a lie, but he is also well aware that under no circumstance would the Air Force agree to confirm matters. As a result, Hynek took things into his own hands and gave the Air Force a compelling story to assure them that he was just as much interested in concealing the truth as they are. 

The stark difference in character between these two individuals probably became prominent through the way Quinn's son, Joel, converses with the two men. To Joel, his father was a regular man who did not fight a battle but was merely a helping hand to assist the government in their combats. However, Quinn was no ordinary man for him. He was a war hero, someone who has earned for himself the fancy uniform and the decorative badges. Joel declared that he wants to be more like Quinn when he grows up, and that was exactly the validation that Quinn was looking for.


Somewhere, down the line, Quinn is well aware that his intellect is nowhere close to Hynek, but he also knows that he fills up the gaps which Hynek lacks. Quinn is quick on his feet, he takes physical risks and does not shy away from flaunting his bravery. However, he is often caught off-guard when he is unable to convince Hynek into doing things that he wants him to do. As for Hynek, he needs no validation. He knows what he has been called for, and will not bend the knee just so higher authorities can get things done their way. Hynek is a man of his mind, and will not seek assurance for that. 

Airing on January 15 at 10 PM ET/PT, episode two will see Quinn and Hynek secretly confront each other's ideological gaps and, as one tries to overcome the other, they will probably need to find a common ground where they can agree upon.

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