'Project Blue Book' Season 1 finale: Columnist Drew Pearson to appear in episode 'Washington-Merry-Go-Round'

After innumerable encounters with other worldly entities, it is time for Hynek and Quinn to head towards the nation's capital.

                            'Project Blue Book' Season 1 finale: Columnist Drew Pearson to appear in episode 'Washington-Merry-Go-Round'

Drew Pearson is not an unknown entity when it comes to using journalism as a weapon against those working against public interest, and the late journalist-turned-columnist will make an appearance in the finale episode of 'Project Blue Book'.

Based on true incidents, the History Channel show has been looking into the classified cases of the US Air Force that deal with UFO sightings, and in the middle of it all are Dr J. Allen Hynek (Aidan Gillen) and Captain Michael Quinn (Michael Malarkey).

Coming from executive producer Robert Zemeckis, the show is at the end of Season 1, and while it has been one hell of a ride, the finale episode will probably create the biggest chaos of all. 

Considering the promo trailer released by History Channel, it seems that this time Hynek and Quinn are about to enter Washington DC, and we all know what that means.

Innumerous press coverage, President Harry S Truman's concern over the capital's well-bein, but above all the potential exposure of their highly secretive project about investigation into other-worldly lives.

However, there is one big clue left in the title of the finale episode. Titled 'The Washington Merry-Go-Round', the official synopsis of the episode reads as: "The nation's capital is thrown into a panic when Washington, D.C., is swarmed by UFOs, and the highest holders of power task Hynek and Quinn with uncovering the true nature of the threat before it's too late." 


Now, when a nation's capital is at risk we can only expect journalists from all over the country to swarm in, to find out the truth about the incident and the cause, and let's just say the notorious Pearson might just have a role to play.

Anyone who has heard about the syndicated newspaper column 'Washington Merry-Go-Round', is well-aware of Pearson's fearful tactic of tearing into politcians with his hard-hitting truth and unabashed facts.

Pearson was a man who loved to get deep into matters, and wasn't bothered with how he would do it. If that meant bribing subordinates, domestic helps, or even navy clerks, he would go to any extent to please all those sources who would give him the verified information. 

Hynek and Quinn might just fall prey to a bigger controversy than they expected. (A+E Networks)
Hynek and Quinn might just fall prey to a bigger controversy than they expected. (A+E Networks)


Pearson's gossipy treatment of the politicians in the nation's capital found its ground in the 1931 book, 'Washington Merry-Go-Round', which he published along with another DC reporter, Robert S. Allen.

Although the two were fired from their positions as bureau chiefs, their success with the book saw them turn into syndicated columnists.

Before they went their separate ways, the two began writing the column first in 1932, the same year that Columbia turned the book into a film of the same name, and which was directed by James Cruze, and starred Lee Tracy and Constance Cummings.

Constance Cummings and Lee Tracy in Washington Merry-Go-Round (1932). (IMDb)
Constance Cummings and Lee Tracy in Washington Merry-Go-Round (1932). (IMDb)


Pearson, whoever plays his character, will probably retain his stance that the capital is as always hiding some big secret from the nation.

In a 1952 report, Loren E. Gross, one of the founding members of the Sign Historical Group, which focuses on the history of UFOs, had mentioned, "The king of the columnists, Drew Pearson, now did an about face from his early stance of saucer doubter to charge, on March 7th, that the Pentagon was keeping under wraps some 25 radar-visible UFO cases, feeling justified in supressing the data since radar could be fooled by ionized clouds which more than once had put the military on the alert and had President Truman scurring to the White House war room."

'Project Blue Book' Season 1 finale, 'The Washington Merry-Go-Round', is set to air on Tuesday, March 12, and we can say that chaos is about to reach its zenith. Watch the promo trailer below: