'Prodigal Son' Episode 8: The 'family friend' attacks Malcolm as the hunt for the Junkyard Killer continues

'Prodigal Son' Episode 8: The 'family friend' attacks Malcolm as the hunt for the Junkyard Killer continues

Spoilers ahead for season 1 episode 8 'Family Friend' of 'Prodigal Son'

'Prodigal Son' is one of the few shows that keep us on our toes getting better with each week. 

Last week on 'Prodigal Son', Malcolm Bright (Tom Payne) was approached by a certain someone who claimed to be his serial killer father Martin Whitly's (Michael Sheen) colleague. It was an eerie revelation as we saw that The Surgeon probably didn't work alone. In episode 8 'Family Friend', we finally meet Paul Lazar. Well, not so much meet as much as call him, and then Paul physically assaults Malcolm without revealing his face to him. While his face isn't revealed, Paul Lazar is played by Michael Raymond-James.

Paul barely gives out any information about himself but Malcolm figures out where Paul used to "prep" his victims. As it turns out, Paul thinks he is on a mission - he kills drug addicts by crushing them in the junkyard the whole while thinking that he is committing the crimes for the greater good. But with his motive out and known, it still doesn't give the NYPD much as the investigations into him keep going on. 

Meanwhile, Ainsley (Halston Sage) is beside herself wanting to be the first person to be on the story of the new serial killer. Her drive to get the next story irks her boyfriend Jin (Raymond Lee) leading to their break up. Needless to say, he is not particularly psyched about Ainsley filming his surgery for the story.

Yet there is one particular pointer that Paul had dropped during one of his conversations with Malcolm this episode - he mentioned the girl in the box. Malcolm begins to tremble with this mention and becomes visibly disturbed, which Paul seems to rather enjoy. Malcolm asks him what he knows about the girl in the box, but for Paul, this was only a bait to show Malcolm just how serious he is about all this - how he is one step ahead of Malcolm. 

But Malcolm must know what happened during the camping trip and why is it that he cannot remember anything - his repressed memories are also interesting to Paul, who indicates that Malcolm might have something to do with the girl. But did he really? Or is Paul also manipulating him the way The Surgeon did all these years?


Since the FBI has now taken over the Junkyard Killer case, will Malcolm ever find out about the girl in the box?

'Prodigal Son' airs on Mondays at 9 pm ET/PT. 

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