'Private Lives' Episode 14 Promo: Jeong-hwan comes clean about past, Bok-gi will use seduction to taunt Edward

'Private Lives' Episode 14 will see Jeong-hwan come clean about his past as a shadow agent for GK to Joo-eun to bridge the gap that had been created in the previous episode

                            'Private Lives' Episode 14 Promo: Jeong-hwan comes clean about past, Bok-gi will use seduction to taunt Edward
Edward Kim and Bok-gi (JTBC)

'Private Lives' Episode 13 ended with Joo-eun getting attacked by one of GK's hired hands and she passes out at the Detective's office. However, she manages to contact Jeong-hwan. He realizes something is wrong and so rushes to his former office to see her passed out on the floor. He attempts to slap her awake and the first thing that Joo-eun asks him is if he killed a man that she was looking into. This man used to be Director Choi's driver and it is this man's death that Jeong-hwan wants the cop to look into. So this is an important development. 

However, at this point, Jeong-hwan can only concentrate on Joo-eun's safety. So in the promo, we see him successfully get her to a hospital, and there, as he waits anxiously, it is revealed that Joo-eun is not in danger. This time around, the first thing that she tells Jeong-hwan is that she trusts him. Is this after or before he defends himself? We are not sure, but why we know that Jeong-hwan comes clean is because we see a flash from the past when Jeong-hwan starts a fire, a fire that brought about a rift between himself and Edward Kim. 

Then we also see him apologize to Joo-eun and she seems to accept his excuses from the looks of the promo. However, what is a lot more interesting at this point is Bok-gi and Edward Kim's relationship. First, it seemed as Bok-gi was all in favor of revenge against him. Then, at the end of episode 13, we saw how she had felt extremely sad for the life that Edward had led and also asks him why he would side with the one who had been the reason for his parents' death. He has no answer for her, but when she does try to leave after a heartfelt conversation, he attempts to stop her but Bok-gi is too smart for that. Instead, she tells him that this really is the end between them. 

So in the promo, when we see Bok-gi target Yoo Byung-jun, the one who has already gained the support of GK, we wonder if this is also in some way related to Edward Kim. She also seems interested in seducing this man and this will definitely sway Byung-jun who had already shown sexual interest in her in the previous episode. However, Edward is not someone that Bok-gi should take lightly so we wonder where all of this is headed. 

'Private Lives' airs on JTBC on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 pm KST and can be streamed on Netflix outside of South Korea.

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