'Private Lives' Episode 8: Joo-eun and Jeong-hwan figure out truth about each other, con artist to shadow agent

'Private Lives' Episode 8: Joo-eun and Jeong-hwan figure out truth about each other, con artist to shadow agent

What is GK's Innovative Vision Room? It is what Joo-eun, Jeong-hwan and Bok-gi are all hoping to bring down ultimately in 'Private Lives', the latest Korean drama. The show has gone through quite a few ups and downs as it featured the death of the lead character Jeong-hwan before he was brought back to life. The show aims to portray how conglomerates use the information that people share willingly which would have otherwise been protected by privacy laws to make money. Jeong-hwan works for one such corporation and in Episode 8, he is up against his employers who seem to be lying to him and have even gone to the extent of possibly commissioning a hit on him.

Jeong-hwan is a shadow agent who is tasked with various assignments that he completes for the Innovative Vision Room under the leadership of one Mr Kim. This room has the power and connections to make or break corporations, and in one such attempt, Jeong-hwan ends up meeting Joo-eun. The first time he had met her, it had been at a bar where she had been honest the first time around and said that she was someone who had been to prison. Of course, it was he who had considered this a joke. Now, Jeong-hwan learns everything about Joo-eun that she had hidden from him, not because she wanted to scam him but because she wanted a shot at living a normal life that did not involve shooting docu for the rest of her life.

Similarly, the reason why Jeong-hwan did not tell her the truth about his work was because he had to keep his work private and separated from his wife. The two of them were aiming to live a life that would be normal and not questioned or doubted. One did it to keep his job while another did it to experience life different from hers. However, on the day the ceremony was supposed to take place, Jeong-hwan couldn't make it and his disappearance sets a series of dominoes falling. This is also what has Joo-eun digging deeper into the truth about who her husband really is because she finds out that the family that he had introduced to her, the friends that he had introduced to her was all a lie.

In this episode, both of them see the lies between them get outed. Jeong-hwan is informed that his wife was not an orphan, that her mother was a money lender, her father in prison for fraud and that she too had had a record for being imprisoned. Joo-eun on the other hand, learns about her husband's connection to the Innovative Vision Room after she manages to drug one of his lecherous colleagues and checks his phone for any information that she can use to further learn more about her husband.

Both of them want to do one thing only at that exact moment and that is to confront each other. While Jeong-hwan ends up rushing to meet her and ask her in person about everything that he had come to learn about her, Joo-eun cannot rush towards him because she is still not aware of the fact that he is alive. How the two of them manage to go past this and if they will work together is something that we will come to learn in the upcoming episode.

'Private Lives' airs on JTBC on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9.30 pm KST, and can be streamed on Netflix outside of South Korea.

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