'Private Lives' Episode 4 Promo: Joo-eun promises to find truth behind Jeong-hwan's death, confronts Bok-ki

The 'Private Lives' Episode 4 promo released at the end of the episode sees Joo-eun realize that there is something fishy about her husband Lee Jeong-hwan's death and she begins digging

                            'Private Lives' Episode 4 Promo: Joo-eun promises to find truth behind Jeong-hwan's death, confronts Bok-ki
Go Kyung-pyo (JTBC)

'Private Lives' Episode 3 had revealed a lot about Lee Jeong-hwan's (Go Kyung-pyo) life and how he worked as a private detective on the side while supporting the Vision Team built by GK. As he worked with them over the years, he has also realized how important it was to keep his cover when he meets others and that is how we see him meet Cha Joo-eun (Seohyun). The reason why he introduced hired actors as his parents, friends, and family is because he was taught to not stand out, and not having a family is a huge deal in the society that he lived in. 

It looks like Joo-eun too might learn that she was not the target of a scam but fell prey to a nefarious plan by someone much higher up, just like Jeong-hwan seems to have. Otherwise, why would he be forced to run his vehicle over? It is clear that the accident was unusual and the tears in Jeong-hwan's eyes as he raced his car despite knowing how dangerous it is, would explain that he was forced to take this decision. The promo indicates that Joo-eun somehow works all of this out because she seems to move beyond her hatred from Jeong-hwan for cheating her and decides to find the truth. 

She even seems to be in love with him still and then she is seen confronting Bok-ki, the woman who ruined her father's life and even went to the extent of sending Joo-eun to the prison. It is clear that Bok-ki's involvement with Jeong-hwan is key to finding out what really happened. Joo-eun begins by asking Bok-ki if she was the one who hired Jeong-hwan to act as if he was in love with Joo-eun. However, she must have heard otherwise. Why else would she be interested in putting herself at risk to find out the truth?

The other question that needs to be answered is if Jeong-hwan really died that day his car had crashed. Sure, there was a body inside, but it could all be a set up. Jeong-hwan is smart enough to pull something like this off. So when we see the promo, something about it makes us wonder, could the dead person be Edward Kim? Edward is still missing and Bok-ki is yet to find him. Now that Joo-eun also seems to know of Edward's connection to Jeong-hwan she is on the hunt as well. However, could he really be hiding and not dead? We will see all of this play out in the next episode. 

'Private Lives' airs on JTBC on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 pm KST and can be streamed on Netflix outside of South Korea.

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