'Private Lives' Episode 16: Will Joo-eun lose Jeong-hwan? Promo hints at him confessing to cops against Mr Kim

'Private Lives' in its final season may see Edward, Sophia Chung, Joo-eun and Jeong-hwan work together against GK and Mr. Kim. Will they succeed?

                            'Private Lives' Episode 16: Will Joo-eun lose Jeong-hwan? Promo hints at him confessing to cops against Mr Kim
Go Kyung-pyo and Seohyun (JTBC)

At the end of 'Private Lives' Episode 15, we saw Joo-eun (Seohyun) get kidnapped and Jeong-hwan (Go Kyung-pyo) was arrested minutes after chancing upon a dead Mr. Kwon. The presidential candidate who had promised Jeong-hwan to return his identity back is dead and Jeong-hwan is visibly shocked. He tries to leave before the cops arrive, however, what he is unaware of is the fact that the entire thing has been tailored by his former boss at GK, Mr. Kim. Not only Jeong-hwan, but Mr. Kim has also trapped Edward in this and has made it seem like the two of them killed Mr. Kwon. 

The only people who can help Joo-eun and Jeong-hwan are Hanson and Bok-gi aka Sophia Chung. Sophia also has a copy of the book and Byung-jun is currently using her. What Bok-gi doesn't seem to know yet is that he is planning to dispose of her as soon as he gets what he wants. At least, he says as much to Edward. So with GK and Byung-jun gunning for all four of them, our speculation is that the four of them in some form work together to bring GK down may just happen. 

Meanwhile, the promo of 'Private Lives' Episode 16 sees Joo-eun, Mr. Kim. Maybe she was not kidnapped to kill but to be indicted into the GK system as a shadow agent herself. Isn't Mr. Kim well-known for using kids in a state of despair for his own purposes? He did it with Edward and Jeong-hwan, so why not Joo-eun? But then we see her state that she is interested in seeing Mr. Kim locked up and that tells us that she has not stopped fighting. However, is she aware of the plan that her husband is concocting?

With the number of times that she has told him to treat her well, considering how good she has been to him. Something that Jeong-hwan has accepted as well, we do not think that a happy ending is what has been written in their fate. In keeping with this, we see Jeong-hwan tell Mr. Kim that he plans on taking the punishment that he deserves along with Mr. Kim. He invites Mr. Kim to go along with him, get punished and that makes us wonder if he has got his hands on some important evidence. If it is, it is probably from either Bok-gi or Edward. We also see the cop who got Director Choi's driver's body from Hanson in the previous episode arrest Mr Kim in the finale. 

So who will win this race? We will see in the finale. 'Private Lives' airs on JTBC on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 pm KST and can be streamed on Netflix outside of South Korea.

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