'Private Lives' Episode 15: Did Edward Kim figure out Jeong-hwan's plan? Hanson suspect in trapping latter too

'Private Lives' Episode 15 will see how Jeong-hwan plans to get out of the trap that either Edward Kim or Hanson might have set him up to take a fall

                            'Private Lives' Episode 15: Did Edward Kim figure out Jeong-hwan's plan? Hanson suspect in trapping latter too
Go Kyung-pyo (JTBC)

The 'Private Lives' Episode 15 promo hints at Jeong-hwan (Go Kyung-pyo) escaping with Joo-eun (Seohyun) from all the thugs surrounding him, Joo-eun, and the very much alive Jeong Hyeon-cheol. This man used to be Director Choi's driver who is also a witness to the existence of the ledger and its credibility as to every individual who had been included in the ledger that recorded affluent and influential government employees being bribed. So when Jeong-hwan had planned to introduce Joo-eun to this man and coming up with a counter plan to Edward Kim's idea of releasing one page of the ledger that included just the names that GK wanted to bring down, including Kwon Hyuk-jang. 

Edward Kim had also arranged for a fake Jeong Hyeon-cheol to appear as a witness and claim that everything that Yoo Byung-jun -- who happens to be competing against Mr. Kwon in the presidential elections -- has revealed to be true. Now, if only Jeong-hwan could have the real Hyeon-cheol appear as a witness to reveal the truth about not only the ledger but also the people behind Director Choi's death, he would clearly be able to thwart Edward's plans. However, at the end of episode 13, a group of thugs had gathered around Jeong-hwan. They seem to be men belonging to GK's group, but somehow Hanson also seems to be involved. At this point, we are not sure if he comes to save Joo-eun and her husband Jeong-hwan or if he is against Jeong-hwan. He clearly hates Jeong-hwan, so either is possible. 

The promo, on the other hand, shows Jeong-hwan escaping but with injuries. Then the promo also provided a shocking twist which sees police officer Kim Myung-hyun find out that his partner Kang Soo-jin was also a GK shadow agent. This then leads us to believe that he introduced her to Jeong-hwan knowing full well that she was a spy for GK. GK's Mr Kim, who figures out that Soo-jin's identity has been compromised ends up attacking her and going so far as to choke and strangle her. Will she survive this? 

Then we have Bok-gi (Kim Hyo-jin) who now goes by Sophia Chung and Edward Kim. Bok-gi has decided that she likes the idea of tormenting Edward by getting closer with Byung-jun and even goes as far as to believe that she can become the First Lady of South Korea. Joo-eun notices that Bok-gi seems more interested in making Edward jealous than seek revenge and she calls her out on it. Instead, Bok-gi blames Joo-eun for doing the same with Jeong-hwan who has lied to Joo-eun consistently, that is until now. 

Edward, on the other hand, is directed by Mr Kim to cut off all the loose ends. This includes Jeong-hwan, Joo-eun and Bok-gi. How will Edward deal with this new set of instructions? This is what the finale week will deal with. 

'Private Lives' airs on JTBC on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 pm KST and can be streamed on Netflix outside of South Korea. 

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