Sweden's Princess Leonore steals the show at sister's christening by going barefoot

Sweden's Princess Leonore steals the show at sister's christening by going barefoot
Princess Madeleine, Christopher O'Neill and Princess Leonore (Getty Images)

While Princess Madeleine of Sweden and her husband Christopher O'Neill gathered together to celebrate the christening of their newborn daughter, Princess Adrienne, it was her older sister, Princess Leonore, who stole the show.

Not only did the little one arrived at the event barefoot, but she managed to steal the hearts of many with her antics, despite disapproving looks from her parents.

Princess Leonore stole the show during the event (Photo by Michael Campanella/Getty Images)

It would seem like an odd fit when everyone is dressed up from head to toe but looking at Leonore it was certain that she was enjoying her time leaving her shoes behind.

Keeping it simple, Leonore wore a plain white dress and let her hair loose. Meanwhile, Princess Madeleine wore a floral Giambattista Valli cocktail dress, as reported by Fox News. She paired her dress with a traditional floral crown and beige heels.

One could say that Leonore was trying to make the best of the moment. While the entire family was busy posing for photographs, young Leonore tried to amuse herself with the rocks on the ground. In some of the pictures taken during the ceremony, Leonore can be seen picking up rocks while pushing dirt with her barefoot. Even in the royal pictures of the family which was taken on the chapel steps, Leonore could be seen squatting down and giving all her attention to the rocks on the ground, displaying a true behavior of a four-year-old. 

One would think that Leonore might have settled down as she entered the chapel, but she stole the show even there.

As reported by Daily Mail, Leonore was seen rolling barefoot in the church aisle. One could say that the four-year-old became restless during the ceremony.  Several cameras captured her lying on her back, laughing, with her legs up in the air. 


While Leonore might have been a bit distracted throughout the event, Archbishop Antje Jackelén who was conducting the ceremony went on with the ritual without any hesitation. However, Leonore's behavior sure did manage to shock her parents. Christopher appeared to be frozen and uncertain of how to control his young child. while Princess Madeline, who was holding Adrienne tried to refrain from speaking but did direct a big glare at her daughter. 

Even though Leonore made a situation which is hard to ignore, all the guests who were present for the ceremony tried their best to ignore it. Princess Adrienne is the third child for Princess Madeleine and her husband Christopher O'Neil. The couple is also proud parents to two other kids: four-year-old Leonore and two-year-old Nicolas. This is not the first time Leonore has stolen the show. In 2016, she visited stables in Gotland with her parents and was photographed giggling as she scampered out of their grasp.


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 Princess Leonore goes barefoot at Princess Adrienne christening with Princess Madeleine of Sweden Christopher O Neill