Princess Eugenie's wedding set to cost taxpayers millions, as ministers ask her father to foot security bill

Princess Eugenie is set to marry her fiancé, Jack Brooksbank, at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle on October 12, and security is expected to be elaborate

                            Princess Eugenie's wedding set to cost taxpayers millions, as ministers ask her father to foot security bill

Princess Eugenie of York is set to marry her fiancé, Jack Brooksbank, at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle on October 12. While the British royal member is going to fund her wedding, from her wedding dress to the big wedding cake, it is expected that taxpayers will be bearing the cost of the security, which is estimated to be in millions.

While many people have expressed their disappointment online over the arrangements, a security expert said that the high cost of the event shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Alex Bomberg, CEO of Intelligent Protection International Limited, which provides protection to royalties, stated that it goes without saying that any royal wedding necessitates a high level of security. 


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“Of course, it goes without saying that no matter where this wedding is going to take place, security will be required,” he said in an interview with Independent. He further added that wherever there are royals, there is security provided by the police. “Being a provider of royalty protection, if this wedding was to take place utilizing a private firm such as my own, then the cost would be well in excess of the publicised costs (in one newspaper) of £2m," he said. 

Alex thinks that the estimated cost of the security is reasonable considering the significance of the occasion. Meanwhile, Thames Valley Police told the outlet that several different organizations including the Thames Valley Police force will be working together in order to ensure that the event is “happy and secure for all”.

However, they did not state the exact cost of the entire security. “At this stage, it is not possible for us to provide a cost of policing the royal wedding until it has concluded," a spokesperson for Thames Valley Police told the outlet. “If at a later stage there is an opportunity to recover costs, this will be explored.” At the same time, Labour MP Chris Williamson has insisted that Princess Eugenie's father, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, pay for all the costs.


Speaking to Sky News, Williamson, MP for Derby North, said: “There is no need to have such a glamorous event. Prince Andrew – who is fabulously wealthy with an estimated worth of £65m – should foot the bill himself. Who’s heard of Princess Eugenie anyway? She carries no royal functions, no useful purpose to the public sphere and yet we’re having to spend this kind of money." 

Emma Dent Coad, Labour MP for Kensington, also condemned the arrangement that would end up hitting the taxpayers. 

“In these times of heightened security risks it is irresponsible for a minor member of the royal family to have a high profile, very public wedding,” she said. “This may be the time to review the role and cost of minor royals.”

This controversy comes shortly after princess Eugine said in a TV interview that she wanted to be seen as “real”.