Meghan Markle has to follow a lot more royal rules than Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenie will not have to follow many royal rules unlike her cousin-in-law Meghan Markle who will have to

                            Meghan Markle has to follow a lot more royal rules than Princess Eugenie
Princess Eugenie (Source:Getty Images)

Princess Eugenie is a princess by birth and not marriage and has a whole host of royal rules which she is not required to follow. Eugenie's cousin-in-law Meghan Markle, on the other hand, has to follow those rules. 

The 28-year-old princess is the granddaughter of the Queen and is ninth-in-line to the throne. Even though Eugenie was born into the royal family, she is not required to follow many royal rules for the reason that she is technically not a "working royal". She reportedly works full-time at a Mayfair art gallery and has an exceptional social media presence. 

Princess Eugenie (Source: Getty Images)


However, Meghan has to follow many royal regulations. Since getting married to Prince Harry, Meghan was forced to give up her social media accounts including her extremely successful lifestyle blog, 'The Tig'. Meghan is a "working royal" and has a stricter set of rules and protocol by which she must abide. 

Post her wedding, Meghan has had to learn the royal etiquette and has also changed the way she dresses in order to be a "working royal". While attending Prince Louis christening ceremony, Meghan carried a pair of olive green gloves despite the hot weather. It looked as though she was taking a tip straight from the Queen's book who herself chooses to wear gloves to public engagements. Gloves are always worn by the Queen and not necessarily the other royals, so Meghan definitely gets brownie points for trying!

One of the things that Eugenie is allowed to do and Meghan can't, is to wear dark shades of nail polish. Eugenie has been seen sporting colors like dark purple and red, unlike Meghan who has to stick to the neutral shades or at most pink. Prior to her engagement to Harry, Meghan would often wear darker shades of nail polish. 

Another thing Eugenie can do and Meghan, unfortunately, cannot is being active on social media. At present, Eugenie is the only member of the royal family who has a personal Instagram account — and yes, she uses that frequently. As most 28-year-olds, her page is filled with little snippets of her daily life, her family, and even her personal battle with scoliosis, which is a spinal disease. 

Eugenie has been known to be candid about her experience with the disease and revealed that she suffered from the condition before getting it corrected by the insertion of metal rods. She even uploaded a picture of the X-ray in the hope to spread awareness about the condition. From the images, it can be seen Eugenie's spine was curved and how it was set straight. 

"Today is International Scoliosis Awareness Day and I’m very proud to share my X Rays for the very first time. I also want to honour the incredible staff at The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital who work tirelessly to save lives and make people better. They made me better and I am delighted to be their patron of the Redevelopment Appeal. To hear more of my story visit #TheRNOHCharity #RedevelopmentAppeal #RNOH #NHS," she captioned the photograph. 

Meghan is reportedly not allowed to have her own personal social media presence and is being looked after by the official Kensington Palace accounts. When Meghan's relationship with Harry became more serious, she had to give up on her acting career disappointing many of her fans and followers from the popular show 'Suits'. 

Meghan had to move from being a "working actress" to a "working royal" and though Eugenie works full-time, she nor her sister, Princess Beatrice, will be counted as working royals. Eugenie will be getting married to her longtime partner Jack Brooksbank on October 12, and she is under no obligation to have her wedding televised — there might not even be a procession. 

Eugenie did not have to ask the Queen for permission to marry Jack, unlike Harry who had to be granted the Queen's blessing for his nuptials to Meghan. Since 2013 the previous 1772 Royal Marriages act, where all royal marriages must be approved by the monarch, has been altered.

The law now states that only the first six who are in line for the throne will have to ask the Queen for permission to marry and since princess Eugenie is ninth in line, she will not have to abide by this rule. 

Of course, there are rules which everyone in the royal family has to abide by. One such rule would be that when the Queen stands up, it is protocol that everyone else follows. When they are dining as a family, after the Queen has taken her last bite, everyone else must stop eating no matter if they are done with their meal or not. 

Members of the royal family are not allowed to vote and are not allowed to hold any sort of political office. They may also never speak of politics publicly or share their political opinions. Unfortunately for the royal family, Meghan Markle's father, Thomas Markle failed to keep his lips sealed and in a tell-all interview with 'Good Morning Britain' discussed some of his conversations with prince Harry. 

"We talked a few times about Donald Trump and Brexit, things like that, and he’s an interesting guy. I was complaining I didn’t like Donald Trump, he said ‘give Donald Trump a chance.’ I sort of disagreed with that, but I still like Harry. That was his politics, I have my politics," Thomas revealed. Thomas also spoke about Harry's views on the Brexit and said that the Prince seemed open and willing to "open to the experiment," Thomas added.