Did Princess Beatrice flout Covid-19 rules? Royal seen dining with husband and four others at London restaurant

Princess Beatrice breached social distancing rules by posing with her Norwegian friend Peter Dundas at a Mayfair restaurant, Isabel

                            Did Princess Beatrice flout Covid-19 rules? Royal seen dining with husband and four others at London restaurant
Princess Beatrice (Getty Images)

Princess Beatrice was accused of breaking Covid-19 lockdown rules. She was allegedly seen dining out with members of different households in a London restaurant. The 32-year-old royal was seen with her property developer husband Edoardo Mozzi, and four other people at a posh Mayfair restaurant, Isabel.

The rule states that in Tier 2 lockdown only members of the same household can assemble indoors - including in restaurants. A royal source told The Sun that Beatrice was there for an “introductory work meeting”, which would have been allowed at the central London restaurant in Tier 2. However, diners allege alcohol was seen on their table. One onlooker at the restaurant, where bottles of wine cost up to £1,500, said: “It looked like a very social event to me. Bea should be setting a better example. I couldn’t believe my eyes. If the Royal Family can’t get coronavirus rules right, what hope for the rest of us? Beatrice and her friends were laughing, joking and enjoying themselves all evening.”

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The Sun report further quotes the onlooker saying, “But there is a very serious side to this and Beatrice deserves a ticking off. Posing shoulder to shoulder for photos is a big no-no. We’re going backwards in London in the fight against coronavirus and high-profile people behaving with such a cavalier attitude to the ­pandemic are part of the problem.” The report claims that a certain Peter Dundas, her long-time Norwegian friend, was seen talking animatedly with her at the gathering on Wednesday, December 9.

According to Daily Mail, at one point in the evening, Beatrice – the ninth in line to the throne – posed for a picture with her fashion-designer friend Dundas. Even though they were wearing masks, it breached social distancing rules. He shared the picture online and said it was good to 'catch up' with the Princess. Beatrice is not a working member of the royal family. She works for American software company Afiniti as 'vice president of partnerships and strategy'.

A manager at Isabel said he wasn't on duty on the night the royal came in but stated that the restaurant follows all the guidelines given by the Government. He said if a group is known to be not be living under the same roof they would not be granted a table. “Obviously, we are not the police. All we can do is ask guests if they live under the same roof. If we realize they don’t, we don’t take them,” the manager told The Sun.

Meanwhile, her father, Prince Andrew, is currently in the midst of an alleged underage sex scandal, which he has denied. As reported by MEAWW, Prince Andrew's "alibi" for the night he allegedly had sex with Virginia Roberts is reportedly in shreds. According to The Sun, Princess Beatrice has "absolutely no recollection" of the Pizza Express birthday bash on March 10, 2001, that her father referenced during his BBC Newsnight interview last year after he became embroiled in the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal. The royal, however, has strongly denied having any form of sexual contact with Roberts.

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