KFC calls Prince William 'Royal Thighness' as he's spotted peeping into outlet, Internet offers 'chicken wings'

Prince William was hilariously trolled by KFC after he was spotted looking through the window of one of the fast-food joint's restaurants, leaving social media in splits

                            KFC calls Prince William 'Royal Thighness' as he's spotted peeping into outlet, Internet offers 'chicken wings'
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Even the future king Prince William can't resist some good chicken wings and fried chicken. Prince William was recently seen looking through the window of a KFC franchise and the fast-food joint later took a cheeky dig at him by calling him "His Royal Thighness". William and his wife Kate Middleton had stepped out in London on Tuesday, October 20, in order to meet some finalists of Kate's 'Hold Still' photo project, Fox News revealed. 

The project hopes to highlight pictures and images which capture life during the coronavirus pandemic. While out and about, William had approached a KFC restaurant and was seen peering through the window much to the delight of the diners inside and, of course, social media. 

The official Twitter handle for KFC UK & Ireland shared an image of William peering into the restaurant and captioned it, "William whispered quietly to himself; 'Oh, I just can’t wait to be wing'" in a funny reference to the hit song from 'Lion King' which goes: "I just can't wait to be king." 


Another tweet from KFC read, "I'm sad I didn’t call him His Royal Thighness in the main tweet tbh." The picture garnered a lot of attention on social media as people were delighted to see the prince being quirky. One such user wrote, "Dear William, I'm not fan of fast food, but if you want I can bring you a bucket of chicken wings or a kebap, sometimes is good for stress. Although I prefer to invite you to some vegan or handmade burgers. @KensingtonRoyal."

Another added, "Come on, to be fair, @KFC_UKI /@KFC chicken is very tasty & pretty hard to resist. The only question really is does he prefer the traditional or extra crispy? I'm a sucker for the extra crispy myself."




"Hahaha!!! Can you imagine the reaction of the person sitting on the other side of this window?? You happen to look up right into the eyes of none other than Prince William. (What I wouldn't give to be that person!)" wrote another excited user. Yet another chimed in, "Okay, I am having a good laugh with this tweet. The future King William now makes me want to get some chicken littles along with mix of crispy and grill chickens at @kfc."



William and Kate were out to meet finalists of her project which is in collaboration with the National Portrait Gallery and the competition is to document "humour and grief, creativity and kindness, tragedy and hope" of the country amid the coronavirus pandemic, Republicworld reports. 

There were reportedly around 31,000 submissions, but only 100 made it as finalists. The couple had also shared images from their visit saying, "Hold Still comes outdoors." Earlier, the pair had taken part in a virtual session where they spoke to teachers and students of Islamabad Model College for Girls and had also played a game of Pictionary. The pair had taken to their official Instagram handle to share a video of them during the session after having congratulated the teachers on their hard work, a year after their visit to Pakistan.

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