Prince Philip funeral: Duke of Edinburgh would have liked small ceremony with 'no fuss, no bother', says source

Many agree that Prince Philip would have wanted to avoid all the fuss surrounding a royal funeral and would have preferred only close family members to attend

                            Prince Philip funeral: Duke of Edinburgh would have liked small ceremony with 'no fuss, no bother', says source
Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip would have wanted a quiet funeral (Getty Images)

As the UK reels with the coronavirus pandemic and the death of Prince Philip, the latest reports claim that his funeral is likely to be a much smaller affair, especially compared to the royal burials before. It is also probably something the Duke of Edinburgh would have wanted.

With the pandemic in full swing, Prince Philip is reportedly going to be laid to rest on Saturday, April 17, at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle, surrounded by close family members and friends only. "Ironically, it is probably how he would have liked," former palace spokeswoman Ailsa Anderson said, according to the latest report in People. "No fuss, no bother. Right through his life, he never knew what all the fuss was about."


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Queen Elizabeth II sits with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, as she delivers her speech during the State Opening of Parliament in the House of Lords at the Palace of Westminster on June 4, 2014, in London, England  (Getty Images)

Ceremony according to Covid-19 guidelines

It will be a ceremonial royal funeral and not a state funeral on Saturday and it will take into account UK's Covid-19 guidelines. The ceremony will be "much reduced in scale with no public access", a palace spokesman announced. 

While the funeral plans are yet to receive the Queen's final approval, they "still very much reflect the personal wishes of the Duke". "The occasion will still celebrate and recognize the Duke's life and his more than 70 years of service to the Queen, the UK and the Commonwealth," the source said. The funeral will take place at Windsor Castle. 

Prince Philip (Getty Images)

'He wanted... a small family funeral'

Many supporters and fans of the royal family agree that Prince Philip would have wanted to avoid all the fuss surrounding a royal funeral, saying that he would have preferred a small affair with only close family members.

"I'd like to think the late HRH Prince Philip would have had something pithy to say about the TV coverage of his life this evening. By all accounts he hated fuss," a user tweeted, with another agreeing, "With the Covid19 restrictions I couldn't help thinking he will get the small funeral he would have preferred anyway. Sad day for his family but my goodness Prince Philip had an extraordinary life. The Russians remembered him as great great grandson of Tsar Nicholas I - history." Another user added, "In way it is kind of nice Prince Philip funeral will lbe restricted to 30 people it's probably want he wanted no fuss and a small family funeral."



Harry's return after a year

For the first time in over a year, Harry returned to the UK to attend his grandfather's funeral. According to the latest reports, he is now quarantining at his and Meghan's official UK residence, Frogmore Cottage, where the Sussexes lived before moving to California. Upon being advised by her physician not to travel, a pregnant Meghan is skipping the funeral.

"While this is naturally a time of sadness and mourning for the royal family and the many others who knew and admired the Duke of Edinburgh, it is hoped that the coming days will also be seen as an opportunity to celebrate a remarkable life: Remarkable both in terms of his vast contribution and lasting legacy," the Buckingham Palace spokesman said.

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