‘National disgrace!’: Prince Harry's fans furious he was not allowed to wear military uniform at vigil for Queen

‘National disgrace!’: Prince Harry's fans furious he was not allowed to wear military uniform at vigil for Queen
(L-R) Prince William, Prince Richard, King Charles III, Prince Harry, and Princess Anne, follow Queen Elizabeth II's coffin being transported from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Palace (Carl Court/Getty Images)

LONDON ENGLAND: During the royal vigil for Queen Elizabeth II, royal supporters were furious that the Duke of Sussex was wearing his morning suit and not a military uniform. Prince Harry was "banned" from wearing a military uniform at the Queen's funeral or activities leading up to it after he stepped down as working royal in January 2020.

The Duke's spokesperson issued a statement last week in response to Harry's comments, which read, "[Prince Harry] will wear a morning suit throughout events honoring his grandmother. His decade of military service is not determined by the uniform he wears and we respectfully ask that focus remains on the life and legacy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II."


'His military service is not determined by the uniform he wears': Harry hits out at uniform ban at funeral

Prince Harry 'banned' from donning military attire at Queen's final vigil but disgraced Prince Andrew is ALLOWED


He was seen walking side by side behind the Queen's coffin with his cousin Peter Philips and William the New Prince of Wales on September 14. As the Queen departed Buckingham Palace for the last time, they marched alongside King Charles III on foot from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall. 

After noticing that Harry was not wearing a uniform while other members of the Royal Family were, some Twitter users who were watching the event online expressed outrage. One user tweeted, "What a way to begin your reign King Charles. By not allowing Prince Harry to honor his grandmother by wearing his military uniform. There are exceptions to every rule. Petty is as petty does." Another wrote, "The Duke of Sussex was born to standout." Mentioning that the picture is incredible, one wrote, "Can someone close to Harry & Meghan please send them this incredible pic please? Just look at it. Toy soldiers with chocolate medals & an actual war veteran. Thank you." "The king just lost his shine and respect. He could have stepped up today for his son. But he chose not to! This is his son who served ten years," wrote one user. Another user penned, "Really seems inappropriate to me that Prince Harry isn't allowed to wear his military uniform because he's not a 'working royal' but he's the one who actually saw combat in Afghanistan? If the monarchy is trying to stay 'relevant' this seems like a bad move..." One wrote, "Putting Harry on the same level as Andrew and not allowing him to wear a Military Uniform is a national digrace!!!!!" Calling it a hoke another user penned, "Absolute joke that the only one who’s ever served a long stint in the military isn’t even allowed to wear his military uniform. "








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