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Prince Harry trolled as he admits he cried 'only once' over mom Diana's 'unexplained' death

Prince Harry says that he and his brother William were 'unable to show any emotion' after their monther died in a tragic accident
Prince Harry was 12 when his mother Princess Diana tragically died in 1997 (Screenshot/ ITV News, Patrick Riviere/Getty Images)
Prince Harry was 12 when his mother Princess Diana tragically died in 1997 (Screenshot/ ITV News, Patrick Riviere/Getty Images)

LONDON, UK: Prince Harry was just 12 years old when his mother tragically died. The Prince recently revealed that he "only cried once" over the death of much-loved royal Princess Diana. The Duke of Sussex claimed that following her death in 1997, he was "unable to show any emotion" in public and that the only time he had cried was during her burial.

The 38-year-old revealed to ITV's Tom Bradby that he felt "some guilt" as he met the people who had gathered outside Kensington Palace to honor his mother. He made the bombshell claims during an interview with Bradby for his explosive book, 'Spare,' which was leaked before the weekend. 


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'I cried once, at the burial'

"I cried once, at the burial, and you know I go into detail [in Spare] about how strange it was and how actually there was some guilt that I felt, and I think William felt as well, by walking around the outside of Kensington Palace," the Prince said in a clip for the interview, which aired on ITV1, as cited by Daily Mail. "There were 50,000 bouquets of flowers to our mother and there we were shaking people's hands, smiling...And the wet hands that we were shaking, we couldn't understand why their hands were wet, but it was all the tears that they were wiping away." He further said that everyone knew "where they were or what they were doing the night my mother died." He went on and said, "Everyone thought and felt like they knew our mum, and the two closest people to her, the two most loved people by her, were unable to show any emotion in that moment."

'The Duke is still puzzled by his mother's death'

Prince Harry admits that he is still puzzled by his mother, Princess Diana's terrible death. The Duke of Sussex, who was just 12 when his mom passed away in 1997, revealed it in his first television interview after the publication of shocking passages from his memoir 'Spare.' "There's a lot of things that are unexplained," he stated during the ITV interview that aired on Sunday, January 8. Harry made it clear that after years of studying the case, he didn't "really see the point" of starting another investigation, as cited by Page Six.

Harry also remembered trying to make sense of what had happened by looking at the horrifying pictures taken at the scene right after his mother had died. Harry recalled seeing paparazzi at the window shooting pictures rather than helping Diana as she died. "I couldn’t comprehend [her death]," he revealed.

Prince Harry was mocked for saying he cried "only once" and still has questions about his mother Diana's mysterious death. One user on Twitter wrote, "Cried once and hasn’t stopped since , it’s embarrassing grow up." Another wrote, "Go away Harry." One user penned,"Only once, what a shame." One user quipped, "His tears are literally ginger tea." One person simply wrote, "Once?!!!" "Wasn't she his mother? Just curious," remarked another. Another user said, "I’m just overwhelmed and tired of hearing about him now and some of the things are just embarrassing."








How Prince Harry tried to cope with Princess Diana's death

In an effort to mourn over the death of his mother, Princess Diana, Prince Harry has openly stated that he used to watch recordings of her and "muster up memories of her." The emotional remark was made by the 38-year-old during a shocking interview with CBS News' 60 Minutes in which he admitted his "guilt" for not being able to cry over Diana's terrible death in 1997. "There was this weight on my chest that I felt for so many years that I was never able to cry," he stated to host Anderson Cooper. "So I was constantly trying to find a way to cry, but... in even sitting on my sofa and going over as many memories as I could muster up about my mum. And sometimes I watched videos online," as cited by Daily Mail.