"His hands were everywhere. His mouth was everywhere": Dominatrix stripper from Prince Harry's 2012 Vegas romp reveals all

"His hands were everywhere. His mouth was everywhere": Dominatrix stripper from Prince Harry's 2012 Vegas romp reveals all
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With the Royal wedding only a week away, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sat down together to once and for all share their secrets and things from the past. 

As reported by In Touch, a source said, "Meghan asked Harry if there was anything she should know." Harry shared the details of one night in 2012 where he partied too hard and got naked while playing billiards. He was also photographed by strippers that same night. He insisted he didn’t sleep with anyone and that it was just too much alcohol.

"But Meghan totally lost it," the source continued.

One of the women who he spent time with that night is England born dominatrix and former stripper Carrie Royale. She shared her experience about what went down that night six years ago which includes a passionate kiss. 

"It was really hot," says Carrie. "He’s a good kisser. His hands were everywhere. His mouth was everywhere. It was a Cinderella moment."


In August 2012, Carrie was lounging by the pool at Wynn Hotel when she was approached by a security guard. "He was scoping the scene. He said, 'I know of a great party this evening. Would you like to go?' He mentioned Prince Harry would be there, so I said, 'Absolutely! I knew he was in Vegas. It was right after the Summer Olympics, and a lot of celebrities were in town," Carrie recalls. 

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The guard asked her to meet him in the lobby and then proceeded to escort her upstairs around midnight. "The guard brought me to the door, and the door was opened by another security guard standing outside." Carrie was shocked at what she saw when she entered the hotel room. 

"When I walked in, I was scoping the room, seeing if this was the real deal [and thinking], 'Was this really Harry’s party?' Indeed it was. About 15 people — including the "spare heir" — were in attendance. And Harry was naked, playing a game of strip billiards. He looked up and saw me right away. He had a big smile on his face. I smiled back," she says. "It was very surprising to me that he was so comfortable," she said. 


"It was almost like a surreal dream state. Not only is it Prince Harry, but it’s Prince Harry, naked. Am I really going to party with the prince? I introduced myself," she continued. "I told him I was born in England. He was like, 'We could be related.' And I’m like, 'OK, you are drinking!' Everyone was talking and getting to know each other."

Within the next few hours, Carrie and Prince Harry got to know each other and at one point she recalls excusing herself to find the bathroom.  "I was trying to figure out where the bathroom was. I went into the one in the bedroom suite."

When she came out of the bathroom, she found a naked Prince Harry standing by the window drinking vodka and cranberry juice. 

"He definitely has a royal body. I know that he’s had military training, and that’s hot to me. He’s very in shape. It was gorgeous. You’re in Vegas. The suite is all windows and the curtains are open. You have this beautiful sight of all the lights and the Vegas strip. It just kind of overtakes you," she adds. 


"He’s standing there, and I thought, I’m going to take this opportunity to approach him." So she did. "I just went for it. I laid in the kiss. We were hot and heavy. He was very passionate. It was fun."

Kensington Palace has earlier called Carrie's story untrue and dismissed it. 

"While I’m making out with him, other people were coming in and out of the room" to use the bathroom, says Carrie — but Harry didn’t seem to care. "And I’m just like, 'OK, if it doesn’t bother him, then I’m not bothered by this.'" After about 20 minutes of hooking up, they both rejoined the party. "He said, 'Good to meet you. I loved our time together,'" recalls Carrie.

"I went up to him and gave him a little kiss on the lips, and then we kissed each other on the cheek and he kissed me on the forehead. It was sweet. And then I left," she added. 


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