Will Harry wear military uniform at Prince Philip's funeral? Ex royal likely to don suit after losing titles

Reports speculated that Harry will be dressed like other former servicemen, who will be seen wearing suits

                            Will Harry wear military uniform at Prince Philip's funeral? Ex royal likely to don suit after losing titles
Prince Harry will be allowed to wear his medals but not his uniform (Getty Images)

Prince Harry is traveling to the UK for Prince Philip's funeral, and just as we reported, Meghan Markle will not be accompanying him as she is currently pregnant with their second child. While there has been backlash over this, people have also been piqued by the detail of whether Harry will be allowed to wear his military uniform at the funeral.

The Duke of Sussex was stripped of his military title when he stepped down as an active senior royal member. A report in Daily Mail speculates that Harry will be dressed like other former servicemen, who will be seen wearing suits. Meantime, Prince Charles and Prince William along with Prince Edward are expected to attend in a regimental dress. 


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The role that Harry had previously held was that of Captain-General of the Royal Marines, which he had taken over from Prince Philip. He also lost his two other honorary military positions when he stepped down, and so the corresponding uniforms cannot be worn at the funeral as well. Harry had gained the rank of lieutenant after 10 years of working with the Household Cavalry (Blues and Royals) and also serving in Afghanistan. Therefore, Harry will be allowed to wear his medals. 


Harry wore the Blues and Royals uniform when he tied the knot with Meghan at Windsor in 2018. It must be noted that the only other royal member who might be dressed in a suit at the funeral will be Prince Andrew, who took a step back from public life in 2019 over his friendship with late pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. While there has been no confirmation, Buckingham Palace has reportedly stated that they will be revealing more details regarding the funeral later this week. 

Harry arrived at Heathrow airport on Sunday, April 11, after his grandfather, Prince Philip, died on Friday, April 9. Considering that Frogmore Cottage is currently occupied by Princess Eugiene, it was reported that Harry will quarantine at the Nottingham Cottage before he attends Philips's funeral which is to be held on April 17. The quarantine period in the UK is 10 days, but it was reported that Harry will attend the funeral on the grounds of compassion. 

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex have paid their tribute to Prince Philip (Getty Images)

Meghan did not fly with Harry to the UK, but the couple did pay tribute to Philip on their website Archewell, where they wrote, "In loving memory of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh 1921-2021. Thank you for your service – you will be greatly missed."

Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, told Times Radio that the funeral might help brothers Harry and William settle their differences.

He said, "I think there might be a bit of consolation in it for the royal family actually because it just gives them a chance to be close and to have a comparative bit of privacy. Obviously, the whole ceremony will be watched by everybody but you think of the complexities of the dynamics in that family and we have to think of Harry, so far away. I'm sure he'll come but not being, the whole time, in the public eye might just help. Many a family gather and get over tension and broken relationships at the time of a funeral. Something very profound unites them all again. And that would be true for this family, I'm sure.”

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