Harry and Meghan erect giant screens around their $18M mansion to stop people from peering in

Harry and Meghan erect giant screens around their $18M mansion to stop people from peering in
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Harry and Meghan have put up some screens around their Beverly Hills mansion after California re-opened hiking trails that overlooked the property. 

It was found that people could directly see onto the grounds of where the couple is currently staying. Workmen were seen outside the $18 million mansion after the Los Angeles County allowed some hiking trails to be reopened. 

Parks & Recreation allowed citizens back onto popular hiking routes including Beverly Drive, the Franklin Canyon Connector Trail over the weekend. Locals were seen walking their dogs or exercising on the route that overlooks the mansion where the couple is staying with baby Archie. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have reportedly been staying at an ultra-luxury Beverly Hills mansion that belongs to Tyler Perry. The area around the Beverly Ridge Estates features a steep hill that leads to the edge of the property allowing people to look in. 

Given that the area is also elevated around 800ft and full of security cameras, the pair can see exactly what is going on outside. The area has been relatively quiet and low since it was shut down mid -March due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

Click here to see the screens erected around their Beverly Hills area mansion.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are currently staying at a mansion owned by Tyler Perry (Getty Images) 

As the strict lockdown measures have been slowly relaxed, the trail could definitely have a lot more people on it during the summer. It is also likely that Harry and Meghan could opt to sit out by their pool outdoors amid the summer months.

However, it has also been reported that the couple are staying at the property on a temporary basis until they find a permanent home of their own. A source shared with Daily Mail, "Meghan and Harry have been extremely cautious to keep their base in LA under wraps. Their team helped them choose the location for their transition to Los Angeles wisely."

"Beverly Ridge has its own guarded gate and Tyler's property has a gate of its own which is watched by their security team. Beverly Ridge is an excellent place to keep out of view. The neighbors are mostly old money and mega-rich business types rather than show business gossips. It goes without saying that the location is stunning — just one of the most beautiful and desirable areas in LA."

We had earlier reported that even though the pair have never been seen with Perry, it is believed that they all met thanks to their mutual close friend, Oprah Winfrey. The Beverly Ridge Estates are close to the Van Nuys private airport and also to some of the best private schools on the Westside of LA. Many celebrities have owned homes in the community, such as ex-spouses David and Carlton Gebbia who were seen on the 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.' 
According to TMZ, the formerly royal couple are browsing the market for a place to call their own, and with millions to spend, they will be looking to the westside of Los Angeles for potential houses. There are many possibilities for the pair including a $15 million Bel-Air mansion that boasts of seven bedrooms, a 200-bottle wine cellar, and also a "computerized rain bar." 

Other possibilities included a $17M  Hollywood Hills home with five bedrooms, a $12M mid-century home. 

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