Harry and Meghan's $26M-a-year security bill sparks fury over who will foot the bill: 'Why must the UK pay?'

Harry and Meghan would need at least 12 guards, mostly abroad and this will mean a huge drain on the Mets' resources

                            Harry and Meghan's $26M-a-year security bill sparks fury over who will foot the bill: 'Why must the UK pay?'
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's security bill could very well soar to almost $26M (£20M) a year, estimates say and this has led to a lot of fury and anger as to who will foot the bill. 

British police fear that guarding the couple as they tour the world will leave cops unable to cope.

One ex-protection officer, in fact, shared, "This is adding to the Met’s woes."

Experts have warned that the pair's new life being independent will become a security nightmare that will lead the coasts to soar. 

There is now a huge row over who will be paying the bill. It is reported that senior officers are drafting emergency plans in order to double up on their protection team that will guard Harry, Meghan, and their son Archie. The news comes as the police have been left stretched due to a decade of Tory cuts. The protection team will drain the department to a great extent.

According to former Met protection officer Dai Davies, "In their current state, the plans are unworkable. Harry and Meghan’s ­situation has called for a complete ripping up of the rulebook and they are acting like none of the rules apply to them. There is already a severe lack of trained officers and this is only adding to the Met’s woes."

Ever since stepping down as senior members of the royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been taking solo trips between Canada, the USA, and the UK. One source shared, "the average salary of a protection officer is in excess of $137,000 (£106,000) and, on current standing, Harry and Meghan need at least 12 guards if not more, split over several teams."

It is believed that travel, accommodation bills, and overtime payments will sky-rocket given Harry and Meghan's residences in multiple countries.

"Training for extra officers plus potential relocation payments to some who may be permanently based abroad has led to a complete reworking of the situation," the source added. 

"The Met has been told to deliver the calculations before the ­Government makes its decision, but both parties are perturbed, with the situation exploding past $12M (£10M) annually to easily reach $26M (£20M)."

Last week an announcement was made which said Harry and Meghan will continue "to require effective security to protect them and their son."

Former Labour MP Emma Dent Coad said: “Why must we pay this vast sum to protect these soon-to-be non-royals to jet-set around the world as they play at being philanthropists?
“They are both multi-millionaires. They won’t starve.”

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