Prince Harry adorably fixes Meghan Markle's windblown hair and tenderly rests his chin on her shoulder

The adorable moment was caught during the celebratory event of the launch of a cookbook by survivors of the Grenfell fire tragedy

                            Prince Harry adorably fixes Meghan Markle's windblown hair and tenderly rests his chin on her shoulder
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Source:Getty Images)

Meghan Markle, newly married into the British royal family, can afford to let her hair down, as husband Prince Harry seems to have got her back.

At a charity event at Kensington Palace grounds on Thursday, Harry was seen arranging his wife's wind-blown hair before a photo op, and if that wasn't cute enough, he even placed an affectionate and cheeky chin on Meghan's left shoulder for a few moments as she chit-chatted with the guests.

The sweet moment was caught on camera during the celebration event of the launch of charity cookbook, 'Together: our Community Cookbook' by members of the Hubb Community Kitchen, an initiative by survivors of the Grenfell fire tragedy.

According to reports, when the Duchess of Sussex was trying to get ready for the cameras and pose for pictures with the women of the community kitchen, she might have wished that her hair was tied or in a bun, as the wind sent her hair all over the place.

And not for nothing are Meghan and Harry considered the sweetest royal couple ever, as the Duke of Sussex made sure that his wife shines in the spotlight even when there's wind blowing in her face and roughing up her hair.

Prince Harry, in the cutest fashion, helped his wife get the hair off her face while she smiled and posed for pictures with the women of the community kitchen. “Sorry!” Meghan said as Harry ran his hands over her head to pat her hair down. The royal couple then shared a laugh at the moment.

And as Meghan spent some more time chatting up the women, there was a brief moment of goofiness between the couple, as Prince Harry decided to rest his chin on his wife's left shoulder, another sign of the amazing and intimate equation between the couple.

Royal etiquette expert Myka Meier, founder, and director of Beaumont Etiquette, told People Magazine that there are no rules as such when it comes to royal couples being lovey-dovey in the public as it has always been at their discretion. “While Prince Harry and Meghan holding hands is atypical for royal engagements, it is a seemingly welcomed gesture to show unity and celebration of their engagement period,” she said

“There is no protocol that says they can not show affection on official engagements, and this gesture makes them relatable and lovable to the public.” She continued, “Meghan and Prince Harry holding hands at a royal engagement is a refreshingly modern approach to their new role both as a couple and as representatives of the royal family.”

In addition to showing off his romantic and cheeky side, Prince Harry also gave an indication of how comfortable he is in his mother-in-law, Doria Ragland's presence.

Meghan's mother was also attending the charity event alongside her daughter and son-in-law, and the proud mother stood close by as she watched her daughter host her first event as a royal after flying in from Los Angeles earlier in the week.

The Duchess of Sussex, who hosted the charity launch on Kensington Palace grounds, also had a meal created from recipes featured in the special cookbook she helped create. The guests including those from the local community, the Al Manaar Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre and representatives from the book’s publishers Ebury Press.

At the event, even the Duchess couln't help but show off her immensely incredible cooking skills, and at times was spotted flipping chapatis confidently and turning koftas on the grill.

On the other hand, her supportive husband made sure to walk a few steps behind her making small talk with guests and watching proudly as his wife took center stage.