Prince Charles offers to fund Harry and Meghan's new life for a year: 'He is concerned about their security'

Prince Charles offers to fund Harry and Meghan's new life for a year: 'He is concerned about their security'
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Prince Charles will be financing son Prince Harry's and daughter-in-law Meghan Markle's first year away from the royal family over fears that their security arrangements may not be adequate in Canada, a report has claimed.

The Telegraph is reporting that to ease their transition away from royal life, Prince Charles has offered "private financial support" to the couple, though it will only be for a year until their so-called 'abdication deal' is reviewed once again next Spring.

But instead of using the revenue generated by the Duchy of Cornwall, which has traditionally funded the family, for the purpose, Charles will be using his private investment income to not raise further controversy.

The Sussexes' decision to step away from the royal family has left many wondering about their future, with questions raised about how their comprehensive and complex security arrangement -- provided in the UK by London's Metropolitan Police Service -- will be replicated in Canada.

Costs for the same are expected to run up into the millions, and currently, there are still said to be discussions ongoing on how the bill will be split between Canada, the UK, and the Sussexes themselves.

The situation at the moment is said to be a "complete mess," according to a security source, and the consensus is that Canada will almost certainly need to play a significant role because the Metropolitan Police Service will understandably not be allowed to send its officers across the Atlantic

"The idea of Met cops arriving and leaving Canadian airports with guns is just not going to happen," a source explained. "Security will have to be locally provided. The Canadians will have to pay and then bill it back to the UK government."

With there were being questions raised on how fair it is that Prince Harry and Meghan would be funded by UK taxpayer dollars despite their split from the royal families, it has been reported that part of the bill for the security will be handed over to the couple, who in turn will have to use Charles' money.


"If they increase the risk on themselves while doing all sorts of exciting things that make them a large amount of money, should that be part of the security deal or should the costs be borne by them rather than the state?" a former officer questioned.

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 Prince Charles to finance Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during first year of Megxit