Prince Charles has a rather odd but sweet nickname for Meghan Markle inspired by her personality

Prince Charles, who walked Meghan down the aisle just last month, has named her after a sturdy and strong metal that he thinks represents her perfectly.

                            Prince Charles has a rather odd but sweet nickname for Meghan Markle inspired by her personality
Prince Charles (Source:Getty Images)

Meghan Markle is certainly fitting really well into her royal life and getting along splendidly with her royal family. While we know that she's very friendly with the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge, a report has revealed that she's actually very admired by Prince Charles as well. He has a really sweet nickname for her too. 

Prince Charles, Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker Bowles and Meghan Markle share a laugh during at Charles' 70th birthday celebrations (Source:Getty Images)


Daily Mail reported that the Prince calls her Tungsten, after the metal known for its strength. Charles thinks that she's a really strong woman and a support system for his younger son, Harry. A source told the publication, "Prince Charles admires Meghan for her strength and the backbone she gives Harry, who needs a tungsten-type figure in his life as he can be a bit of a softy. It's become a term of endearment." 

Prince Charles walking Meghan Markle down the aisle on Harry and Markle's wedding day in May (Source:Getty Images)

We know that the two have been close, after all, he walked her down the aisle while her own father, Thomas Markle couldn't make it. The two looked like the perfect image of a family as Meghan held his arm and walked to her betrothed looking absolutely stunning. It was a pretty emotional moment and something that had never been done before in the royal family. Meghan has, since the time she was engaged to Harry broken many a rule deigned to be followed by royal family members.

It wouldn't be wrong to say that she reminds us of the late Princess of Wales Diana Spencer. Like Lady Di, she is a people's person - she hugs people, which is not something all royals do. She's very outspoken about the causes she believes in, quite like Lady Di who was outspoken about her eating disorders, which at the time was unheard of by a royal. She was unlike any other princess ever in the British Royal family. 


Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Queen Elizabeth II share a moment at the opening of Mersey Gateway Bridge recently (Source:Getty Images)

Even Thomas Markle, Meghan's real dad is in awe of how well his daughter and Prince Charles have bonded. Speaking on Good Morning Britain, he reportedly said, that Markle couldn't "think of a better replacement than someone like Prince Charles". He said, "He looked very handsome and my daughter looked beautiful with him. I was jealous I wish I'd been there I wish it had been me but thank god he was there and thank him for that. It might have been a treat for him as he never had a daughter."

A source told Daily Mail that she adored Prince Charles right back. "Meghan met Charles and was bowled over by his charm. She told Harry he was wonderful: welcoming, warm, hard-working, kind, and stable. She made it clear that he should appreciate him and bond more," the source said.  In fact, Prince Charles reportedly told his friends, "She is so intelligent and so nice. She makes Harry happy. We could not like her more. A friend of the family also added, "There has been a wedding bonus for all the family: a sort of mega-watt warming effect," reported the Daily Mail.

The Royals are also perhaps happy because of the positive influence Meghan has been over Harry. She even got him to quit smoking, reportedly.

An insider told New York Daily News, "It's no secret among friends that they want to start a family immediately," says that insider, "One of the reasons she got him to quit smoking is because smoking affects sperm production." The source also added that he's getting back in shape and has lost "around 10 pounds" since November, around the time they announced that they were engaged. 

Coming back to the topic of nicknames, did you know? the Royal family has had some really strange nicknames. For example, Princess Diana used to call Prince William, now known as the Duke of Cambridge, wombat. Commenting on the name, in a 2007 NBC interview, Will reportedly said, "It kind of stuck with me. I can't get rid of it now. It began when I was 2. I've been rightfully told because I can't remember back that far. But we went to Australia with our parents, and the wombat, you know, that's the local animal...So I just basically got called that. Not because I look like a wombat — or maybe I do." 

Prince Harry's friends affectionately call him "Spike". When Harry had a Facebook page, he used it under the pseudonym, Spike Wells. A couple of years later, it was taken down because it was considered a security threat. The Duke of Cambridge also had one, he was called 'Steve' but turns out he was a rulebreaker when it came to keeping his identity under cover.

William also revealed in the said interview that Diana called Harry "Ginger". When asked what his younger brother's nickname was, he said, "Oh, Ginger. You can call him whatever you want. Most of them I can't call in front of here. You know, a bit rude. He's got plenty."

Some of the other royal nicknames include, "Babykins", "Poppet", "Squeak" for Kate. Squeak was the name of her pet guinea pig. Prince Charles and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall's names for each other are "Fred and Gladys". When it comes to the Queen, these terms get more endearing, as a child, the Queen called herself "Lilibet", and later on Prince Philip began calling his dear wife “cabbage.”