Prince Charles excludes Harry from family photo in video speech, Internet says 'royals are not human'

The photo had the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George

                            Prince Charles excludes Harry from family photo in video speech, Internet says 'royals are not human'
Prince Charles and Prince Harry attend the 'Our Planet' global premiere (Getty Images)

Prince Charles delivered a pre-recorded speech on the Queen's Platinum Jubilee for an Australian superannuation conference in Adelaide on Tuesday, May 18, in front of a picture of four generations of the royal family, featuring the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George. Royal fans were quick to point out that the youngest son of the future king of England was conveniently missing from the framed photograph after he ditched the monarchy last year and moved to the US with his wife and son. 

Unlike in Charles' earlier video speeches, which often featured multiple photographs of the royal family, the latest one only featured the single snap, resting on a table behind him. If it were not for some eagle-eyed social media users, the photograph in Charles' video might not have been discovered at all. The snap in question was released to the public on January 4, 2020, to mark the start of a new decade. Incidentally the release of the photo came only days after the Duke of Sussex announced he and his wife were stepping back from official duties of The Firm.


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A cropped version of the video was uploaded on the Clarence House Twitter channel:


Although the photograph might have been a strategic one, to mark the generational progression of succession of the British throne, the absence of Harry wasn't seen as natural by many royal fans. This is because people are now used to seeing Prince Charles in front of a number of family portraits, as he has done a number of times during appearances and engagements virtually from his various homes in the UK. In April 2020, Prince Charles "opened" a new hospital via Zoom from his Scottish residence, Birkhall, when he was sitting atop a piano and in the background were a myriad family portraits, including one of Charles with both William and Harry in military uniform.

"I have NO respect for that guy!! He has an affair on Diana and then makes a fool of her with Camilla! He then has the audacity to marry that woman!!! Now, he treats his son like crap instead of trying to work through their issues!" one person wrote, while another quipped, "The royals treat relations like business products. It’s hard to believe that this man is the father to Harry, one of his only two sons whose mother died when he very young. The boy is reliving what the mother went through today. Again it’s easy to conclude they are not humans." However, a third said, "He’s probably disowned Harry. If my child did an interview saying I caused him so much pain and suffering, I’d likely do the same thing."




However, there were other people who understood why the photo did not contain their favorite royal. "It's a picture of the future kings, why would Harry be in it? Anne, Andrew, Edward, Charlotte and Louis are also missing because none of them are in the direct line of succession. Harry is no more important than the aforementioned, as soon as George was born he became irrelevant!" one of them said while another wrote, "'Family members'!?!!?? That’s the line of succession, the Queen and 3 future kings. Quit trying to stir the pot."



The situation between Charles and Harry is particularly frosty after Harry and Meghan's tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey in March where they painted the royal family in a racist light. Harry also claimed during the interview that Charles had stopped taking his calls and cut him off financially after he decided to step down from the monarchy. 

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