Charlotte Briggs: Royal maid says Prince Andrew LAUGHED when his dog bit her

Charlotte Briggs: Royal maid says Prince Andrew LAUGHED when his dog bit her
Prince Andrew laughed on hearing his dog had bit a royal maid (Michel Euler-WPA Pool/Getty Images)

In 1996 it was widely reported that Prince Andrew's dog Bendicks was banished from Buckingham Palace after it bit a royal maid. Now the maid, identified as Charlotte Briggs, has come forward to claim that Prince Andrew wasn't bothered at all when he heard the news, in fact he laughed.

Briggs, who was 22 years old when she was bit on her leg, said the prince was unbothered and after gaining awareness of this incident, and did not even apologize.

Prince Andrew named his four legged friend Bendicks. Apparently, Bendicks got his name owing to ex wife Fergie's favorite chocolates. Bendicks was nine-years old when he bit Briggs.


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In 1996, The Sun did an exclusive feature reporting this incident where Bendicks bit Briggs. Resultantly, Bendicks was then banned from Buckingham Palace due to this behaviour. Charlotte was questioned about what triggered the canine, how bad was she hurt and the reactions of the royals after the incident.

Briggs said that Bendicks was spooked by the vacuum cleaner when she was cleaning the area. Sharing more on how and where she was bitten, Briggs continued, "My leg was bleeding and my tights ripped." 

After she completed the duration of her shift, Briggs was sent to the personal physician of the Duke to get a tetanus shot which is essential when a human has been bitten by an animal. Of course, this news spread like wildfire in the palace. As per Briggs, a butler informed Andrew of the happening and the behavior of Bendicks. The butler said all Andrew did was laugh. 

Briggs went further and said, "He wasn’t bothered. Even when I was limping and my leg was purple he never apologised. It’s those little things that tell a lot about people and their character."

Bendicks, who was dubbed a “nasty little s***”,  was also known to have attacked a carpet fitter and the equerry of the Duke. The Norfolk terrier died in 2000 when he was 13 years old. In 2010, a doormat featuring Bendicks was given as a gift by Fergie to Andrew in honor of his 50th birthday. 

Andrew has been under scrutiny in recent times over his ties with late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. He first met Epstein in 1999. Then, Epstein was an investment banker and financier. Apparently, the duo met through a mutual friend who was also Epstein's girlfriend, socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.
Towards the end of 2000, Virginia Giuffre (then Virginia Roberts), said she was approached by Maxwell to take training as a massuese and in March 2002, she was allegedly sexually assaulted by Prince. Andrew has constantly denied the sexual abuse accusations but a federal judge has ruled his case could proceed. The same day, Andrew, who was titled his mother Queen Elizabeth II's favorite, was stripped of all military titles. Andrew has been effectively banished and he can no longer use the title 'His Royal Highness'

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